Wednesday, August 23, 2017


Hello peeps. Sorry for the quiet few days. I've been out of action. Flat out, zero action.

Started with a few sniffles on Friday night which turned into a full blown fever on Saturday. (Such a waste of a weekend.) The weird thing is that even with paracetamol, the fever didn't seem to want to kebah. Low grade fever persisted the whole day. Same thing on Sunday. Come Sunday afternoon I decided to go to the clinic. They suggested that I take a blood test but I negotiated (sempat lagi tuh). Penakut jarum kan. Promised the doctor that I'll come back the next day if my fever doesn't subside.

Next day came rolling in and of course lah, demam the whole day. At that point I felt like throwing myself off a cliff or something. (Dramatic much??) Letih tau demam tak kebah kebah. It's like your body is constantly aching for three days straight. While I was down in the pits, memang teringat sangat sangat dekat arwah my Mum. Her cancer journey was 8 months long... but I can't even handle 3 days of fever. *sigh* Finally went to the doctor and serah diri for a blood test. It wasn't dengue, but rather... It was viral fever. No wonder antibiotics didn't work!

Yesterday the fever went down slightly but I was still coughing and aching. I was so confident I had pulled through the worst so I rescheduled all my meetings for Thursday. Confident habis that I only needed one more day to rest. Wishful thinking... That night the fever spiked up again - back to square one. This morning I woke up with a dull ache at my rib cage. Pening kepala macam nak muntah. Eeeehhhh macam macam lah. Seriously I'm not even sure whether I am fit enough for work tomorrow.

Anyway, doakan that I recover fast, please. Dah tak larat sakit lama-lama like this. *sakit itu penghapus dosa*


  1. get well soon, liz..minum warm water byk2..

  2. ooh Liz, i feel u dear
    i doakan kan u speedy recovery.. jaga kesihatan..

  3. minum air kelapa muda dan a lot of plain water or barley boiled water. It will flush the liver a and the whole body of toxic.

    IF have access to massage, then it will disappear. the massage flush out the toxic and also helps better circulation.


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