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Legoland Hotel Malaysia

This is a five month overdue post!

In conjunction with Matta Fair, Legoland Hotel had a great family package for 5pax. It included a 2D1N stay at the hotel, complimentary breakfast, plus 2 days combo ticket to the Legoland Theme Park and Water Park for 5 persons... for only RM1300! And since we were only 3 adults (maid included) plus one child (Ian was free), we had one extra ticket. Aiden immediately requested to bring his best friend - Danya!

Danya's Mummy was surprisingly very supportive of Aiden's request. (She probably wanted to get back at me for having to babysit Aiden at a Hi-5 concert two years ago.) *giggles* Danya's Daddy took a bit of coaxing... but he finally relented. Danya then used her charm to sweet-talk her grandparents... (susah nak dapat permission untuk anak dara sorang nie!) and finally they gave the green light too. So all was good to go!

To make the most out of our trip, we spent the night in JB at Traders Hotel (now called Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour.... *who is Jen???*). The next day, we arrived at Legoland Hotel at 930am and despite not requesting for an early check-in, surprisingly, our room was ready! We chose to upgrade to the Pirate Premium Themed room (other choices available were Adventure or Kingdom theme). Check in was a breeze (probably because no one expected the hotel to grant such an early check in), and there was a fully equipped Lego play area in the lobby to keep the kids busy. The Lego structures in the fully carpeted lobby were absolutely amazing. Never seen one like it anywhere!

Even the complimentary fruit tray was decorated with Lego!

The castle themed Lego play area in the lobby. Ian wasn't interested in posing for photos, he wanted to dive into the mountain of Lego!

The ship themed Lego play area in the lobby. Somehow that yellow thingy on the ship reminded me of a scene on Titanic!

Ian, the sign specifically said, no stepping on the Lego!!! *mukatakmakansaman*

After checking in, we were ushered to the lift. If you thought the Lego lobby play area was cool... wait till you check out the disco elevators. As soon as the doors closed, the disco ball (yes, an actual disco ball!) twirled, strobe lights came on and dance music such as Abba's 1976 'Dancing Queen' started playing! The kids actually jiggled their tushies, as the music was so addictive! I even have a video of the two kiddos dancing, with Danya exclaiming to Aiden, "Dance Aiden, dance!" *supercute*

Disco elevators! It was no easy feat okeh to take pictures of the elevators at empty! Such dedication... hehehe

Hubby holding our welcome pack, containing room cards, map etc.

Next, the rooms! When we exited the elevator, we were surprised to see that the entire floor was decorated according to theme. Lift doors, carpets, wall decorations, even our room door was embellished to the pirate theme. 

As soon as we walked into the room, our jaws dropped. Heck, if you thought the lobby play area and the elevators were cool, this one was wayyyyy cooler. We definitely made the right choice by upgrading to the Pirate Premium Themed room. The decorations were definitely more elaborate than the normal Pirate rooms.

For starters, the kids had their own room. Meaning there was an actual door *hello, privacy!* separating the adult bedroom and the kids bedroom. The kids bedroom included their own TV, a bunk bed and an extra bed you could pull from underneath (for the maid). There were even kid sized bathrobes and slippers in the cupboard. There was also a box of Lego Duplo to keep them busy, and a treasure chest! The kids were given a paper with questions that they had to solve which led them to a combination lock number that they had to enter at the treasure chest to unlock it. 

As for the bathroom, in my opinion it was a far cry from the room decorations. Very simple, but at least they had an additional small lower sink for kids to use. The toiletries set was nothing to shout about. Shampoo and body soap provided via dispensers mounted on the wall. No drying lines provided to hang our wet swim suits, so that was a shame.

Ian stretchingggggg his legs to reach the elevator buttons. Also the pirate decorated lift lobby of our floor.

Our front door, and the adult bedroom. Love the sail on top of the bed, plus the matching bed duvet and curtains!

The kids bedroom - adults keep out! *chuckles* Very nicely decorated.

Excited smiles.

The kids trying out their beds. Aiden immediately chose the top bunk. Danya had to settle with the lower one instead.

The kids hard at work trying to decipher the treasure chest code.

Writing the answers.

Entering the combination number. Quick tip, if it doesn't work, try reversing the numbers instead!

Aiden was delirious when he saw the goodies in the treasure chest. Lego Star Wars fridge magnets and a Lego key chain!

Next up, the adult room. There was a full pirate sail on top of the bed. The bed duvet and the curtains all matched in red and white stripes. We had our own TV too - no fighting for TV time with the kids! The room also had an arm chair, which you can sit on while enjoying a stunning view of Legoland from the window. Note that the in-room WiFi is very slow, in the end I got so frustrated I actually turned it off altogether.

Posing with their treasure chest bounty.

Pirate decoration in the adult bedroom.

Loving the attention to detail - such as the pirate parrot made from Lego!

The armchair, and one of the clues from the earlier treasure hunt.

After the kids were done exploring the room, we got the kids ready for the Legoland Waterpark. I'll save that for a separate blogpost, but the kids had soooo much fun. The size of the park was just nice and there was plenty to do. It was a good thing we decided to do the waterpark first (and Legoland the next day) because by mid-day Ian was getting quite sleepy so Ian and the maid returned to the room. If I can offer only one tip, it would be this - slather on lotsssss of sunblock!

The kids only agreed to go home just an hour before the waterpark announced their closure at 6pm. When we got back to the room, Ian was wide awake and raring to go for our next adventure. Hence we decided to visit the hotel swimming pool before dinner. The adult swimming pool was quite decent, but the kids pool was very simple. Even if you give it a miss, you're not missing much!

But here's a tip. There is a clean and spacious changing room by the pool. Assuming you have checked out before exploring Legoland, but dying for a quick shower before making the drive back to KL, ask the friendly hotel staff nicely about using this changing room for that purpose. We did exactly that!

Ian in his swimsuit, standing on the treasure chest. Aiden and Danya in cute kiddy bathrobes.

The kiddy pool.

The adult pool... can you see the sunset?

After a short swim (the pool closed at 6pm - I wish they would change this policy to allow night swims), we returned to our room, showered and got ready for dinner. Instead of dining in-house, we decided to head to the nearest mall. You can actually walk to Medini Mall from Legoland Hotel - so fret not about finding restaurants, shops and such. 

Legoland Hotel also provides kids entertainment during the night, such as colouring contests and movie screenings at the lobby. Hence on our way down for dinner, Danya got roped into colouring, while Aiden got engrossed in a movie. By the time we finally coaxed the kids out of the hotel, it was close to 930pm! I was pretty nervous about not finding a restaurant that would service us at that hour, but thankfully the Chicken Rice Shop was open until late night.

Kids snacking while watching TV.

Posing with a Lego figurine in the lobby.

Danya posing with her colouring certificate.

The kids walking to dinner.

After dinner, we walked back to the hotel ready for bed, but Aiden insisted on playing at the hotel lobby. Since we were going to leave for Legoland bright and early the next morning, we relented and allowed him half hour in the lobby. Meanwhile, Danya and Ian both retired to the room with the maid in tow.

Hubby's sword and my sword... guess who made which?

It was close to midnight and Aiden still posing with the very cool Lego castle in the lobby.

Too adorable!

Despite sleeping late (he slept even before his head touched the pillow), Aiden woke up without much trouble and was super excited to start his adventure at Legoland. Since our package included breakfast, we got the kids ready and headed to the Bricks Family Restaurant. The restaurant was hugeeeeee... but it was a bit stuffy without proper ventilation. Other than that, there was a decent spread of food, plenty of both Asian and Western choices. Taste was acceptable. The kids didn't eat much cos all they wanted was start their day at Legoland.

Soft giant Lego foam blocks outside the restaurant, suitable for the smaller kids like Ian.

Bright and colourful restaurant.

Lego masterpieces just by our breakfast table.

One last photo with the Lego mascot before heading to Legoland!

Worth to note that hotel guests get to enter Legoland half an hour earlier than the general public, so we took advantage of that precious extra time by heading to the popular attractions such as Junior Driving School and Boating School first. Buttttt I'll save that review for another blogpost.

Until then, thanks for reading my humble review!


  1. thank you thank you thnk you.. for your review on legoland... ceapt update yang the rest.. am going next week.. so love to know all the tips.. you can check in early? boleh request ke? cepat lagi lagi update..

    1. I think you can request, but we didn't even request. Terkejut jugak sampai sampai dapat masuk bilik terus. Perhaps it was a low season? Hahaha ok I will try to update the rest ASAP. Banyak sangat pictures to sift through. Every time I look at the pile - terus jadi mengantuk hahaha

  2. We took the same room too and had so much fun. Legoland is da bomb. My kids both had so much fun and been bugging us to take them again. I have this feeling we will be going there again soon. Maybe when the haze is gone. Cheaper than going to USS and they have more fun in Legoland!

    1. Yes Legoland is certainly the bomb. My personal favourite is the water park though if compared to the theme park. Probably because when we went to the theme park, there wasn't enough trees and then we were bestowed with rain pulak. Such a bummer. Definitely looking forward to revisiting this again!

  3. that was really a good deal you steal at the matta fair! :) we were there too earlier this year in Jan. 2Ks were so thrilled especially the pirate-themed floor. cuma tu lah, ever since that if pergi mana2 hotel pun they'll be asking how come not the same with the legoland hotel. heh.

    waiting for the review on the park itself! coz when we went there we made full use of the money we paid by just staying in the hotel and let the kids participate in the in-house activities / play with the unlimited lego blocks around the lobby :D

    1. Yes, good deal kan? And that was back in March so no GST GST business back then. Other than the theme park, you should really try the water park too. It is not too big - just nice. Bear in mind that some activities are not suitable for babies like Ian's age but it was a good thing I brought my maid - she could take care of Ian main the simpler things, then she can also walk herself to the hotel when he was getting sleepy. Meanwhile, Hubby, the kids and I memang tried every single thing in the water park! We had soooo much fun!


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