Monday, June 22, 2009

Aiden’s Maiden Night in the Playpen

We were desperate to start introducing Aiden to sleeping in the Playpen. First off, hubby tosses and turns way too much which causes Aiden to stir restlessly as well (while Mummy prays silently for Aiden to continue sleeping). Secondly, I am bored of sleeping as still as a rock or being overly conscious of all my movements and the sounds of the bed springs. Thirdly, erm... three’s a crowd? Fourthly, this co-sleeping business has to stop soon, because if it continues too long, it will be extremely hard to separate Aiden from this habit. Furthermore, he needs to start learning to fall asleep on his own.

According to the book “What To Expect The First Year”, this separation can be attempted once he outgrows the physiological need for frequent feedings during the night. Aiden usually wakes up once or twice for his night feedings, so I decided to give it a go. Furthermore, I am still on extended maternity leave, therefore climbing out of bed once or twice per night does not sound too bad.

12:30am: Aiden fast asleep downstairs in his infant sleeper on the couch downstairs while Mummy & Daddy watches a poorly pirated copy of Angels and Demons.

12:50am: Mummy places Aiden in his Playpen for the very first time (Playpen previously served as a space to store freshly laundered clothes... haha)

1:10am: Mummy finally went under the bed covers. Looked at Daddy, who gave her a smile – and continued typing on his laptop. Iskh! Mummy sighed, and went to sleep.

3:40am: Aiden started whimpering. Looked at Daddy who was sleeping like a baby. Mummy sighed again, and climbed out of bed. Aiden’s eyes were still closed, only his mouth was open. Gave Aiden his night feeding. Placed him in the Playpen again.

3:55am: Aiden stirring restlessly. Mummy did not move an inch.

4:20am: Aiden started crying. Mummy jumped out of bed. Aiden’s eyes were wide awake. Mummy getting cranky. Mummy knows that trying to get Aiden to sleep when his eyes are wide open, would be a challenge, not to mention time consuming. Picked up Aiden, placed him on the bed and started breastfeeding while lying down. Promised myself that I would place him in the Playpen once he dozes off.






7:30am: Aiden whimpered in his sleep. Mummy woke up startled, looked at the time and cursed herself for not keeping to her promise!

And so it was one failed attempt. Tonight we shall try again, eh Aiden?
Aiden happy that he tricked Mummy into bringing him back into the snuggly warm covers of the adult bed...

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