Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Man Aiden calls Daddy!

I am waiting for my cousin Jaja to arrive, for lunch in Pavillion - in an effort for me to reclaim my life. Bored of waiting, I decided to answer the below questions on dear hubby:

1) He’s sitting in front of the TV, what is on the screen?
Usually at 8pm he's glued in front of TV3 for his dose of Bulletin Utama. Usually tells me off when I change the channel to Star World for MY dose of entertainment. On other occasions, it is almost always on ESPN or Star World rooting for “Glory, glory Man United!!!”

2) You’re out to eat; what kind of dressing does he get on his salad?
He loves that oily dressing… I think they call it Italian dressing? Yup! Just googled it on Wikipedia: Italian dressing in United States cooking is a vinaigrette-type salad dressing consisting of a mixture of water, oil, vinegar or lemon juice and a variety of herbs and spices.

3) What’s one food he doesn’t like?
White meat. That means no chicken breast!

4) You go out to eat and have a drink. What does he order?
If it is at our local Kedai Mamak, it’s usually Teh Tarik. If he’s exceptionally thirsty, he’ll order Teh O’ Ais. Not to forget, he’ll usually have “one sip only Sayang!” of my drink – usually Milo Ais or Watermelon Juice.

5) Where did he go to high school?
Skipped UPSR as he attended 6th Grade in the UK. Therefore started off in high school in some school in Kuantan, then after PMR went on to Sek Men Sains Machang (he’s more fluent in Kelantanese than I will ever be!).

6) What size shoes does he wear?
Incidentally, we share the same shoe size. He’s probably half a size bigger which makes him a size 7 and a half. Which also makes him my shoe stealer. Which also means that he would plead for me to buy sneakers, running shoes and Timberland boots that are unisex so that he is able to “borrow” my shoes whenever he wants to. Sharing is caring kononnyer!

7) If he was to collect anything, what would it be?
Dust. Haha… and probably unopened bills and credit card statements.

8) What is his favorite type of sandwich?
Two pieces of bread with telur mata kerbau (with runny yoke) and sliced turkey and salad with a dash of mustard and mayo. Chilli sauce and sweet soy sauce optional.

9) What would this person eat every day if he could?
Roti canai at the Kedai Mamak depan rumah.

10) What is his favorite cereal?
Nestle Cornflakes.

11) What would he never wear?
Anything that does not fit him, too snug or too loose included. Very choosy! Which makes shopping with him very frustrating. Prefers slim fit Polo Ralph Lauren shirts over the classic type. Very irritating!

12) What is his favorite sports team?
Manchester United. Aiden has a Man Utd jersey already waiting for him once he’s big enough to fit into it!

13) Who did he vote for?
Definitely the opposition!

14) Who is his best friend?
Depends. He has his lepak gang which includes his co-workers and high school friends. Probably one of them I guess!

15) What is something you do that he wishes you wouldn’t do?
Nag. I can’t help it, I am such a drama queen!

16) What is his heritage?
Pahang on his Mum’s side, and Perak on his Dad’s side. He was born in Kuantan so I think he thinks of himself as a Pahang boy!

17) What is his favourite colour?
Blue I guess? Maybe black? Or white? Definitely not pink!

18) What is his habit?
He has to sleep on the toilet seat every morning before he has his morning shower. With the Jacuzzi in the new house, I think he will cultivate a new habit of sleeping in the Jacuzzi before his morning shower.

19) What is he proud of?
His bloodline, Aiden Irfan!

20) Lastly, do you think he will read this?
Eventually, when he gets home from Singapore. He is not really IT savvy. He does not mind not having an internet connection, while I would absolutely die without one!

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