Friday, June 26, 2009

Unbelievable, Nuby!

Unbelievable! That was what I said to Bibik when she said Aiden refused to drink from the Nuby bottle, brand new from the recent shopping spree at Robinsons. The Nuby Soft Air Natural Nurser Breast Size Nipple – to be exact! Despite the Nuby’s promise of easing the transition from breast to bottle with its silicone nipple with a natural soft feel and shape which closely mimic’s a mother’s breast, I was again deceived and left bewildered at Aiden’s choice of teats.

I am actually quite lucky. I bought an Avent newborn starter set way back when Aiden was still called by his female name. Oh, didn’t I tell you that dear Dr Aziz told me on my birthday that I was carrying a girl? And the excited Mummy and Daddy went shopping for frilly skirts and painted the nursery pink, only to be told a month later that our baby was spouting an elephant trunk. Oh I’m being nasty.

Anyway, Aiden accepted the Avent bottles during his first 2 weeks of life, but started to reject it soon after. Upon advise from Iza and her experience with Ayesha, I sent hubby to the nearest baby store to get a MAM bottle. And thankfully, he drinks from it. The Avent bottles are currently banned to the world of collecting expressed breast milk, never to touch Aiden’s lips again.

I have a friend who had to go through 7 types of bottles. She stopped at lucky number 7 because her baby girl decided that bottle number 7 was the one for her. So yes, I am lucky.

Now why did I get that Nuby’s bottle again? Shopaholic, that’s what I am.


  1. aliza!!!

    hehe, so glad to find u here...

    i'm going to ipoh next week. will u be there??


  2. Yatt!!! Haha... let me guess. You're going to go see Benz and Porcha (camtu ke eja name anak dia)?

    I kat KL lah... let's go for lunch or something. Jom!!


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