Monday, June 15, 2009

Happy Two Months Old Aiden!

It has been a long two weeks since the Naik Buai ceremony. I haven’t even had the time to upload any photos despite being constantly reminded by family, the office gang and the school girlfriends!

So what exactly happened during the Naik Buai ceremony? For starters, Aiden was fast asleep therefore I had to wake him up for his mandi bunga session with the bidan. How would you feel if you’re happy in lala land and suddenly someone picks you up and hands you to a pair of unfamiliar hands for a frigid cold bath? Of course, hell broke loose and Aiden was wailing his lungs out with Mummy and Daddy looking helplessly from the side. Not only was the bidan roughhousing my beloved baby, she actually tossed Aiden a few times in the air – according to her, untuk naik semangat! Instead of naik semangat, it nearly gave me a heart attack. Eveyrthing I read from books on not shaking a baby vigorously for fear of bruising of the brain or trauma to the delicate infant eye whirred through my mind, and I felt so powerless! Aiden was crying during pijak bunga, Aiden was crying during pijak tanah, and when he was finally handed to me he was wailing full blast! By the time Aiden was placed in the Buai, he was too tired from crying and he just laid in the cradle quietly, looking at me with his sad puppy eyes. I swear I could feel my heart break into a million pieces…..

Apart from that, everything went smoothly. I could fit into my baju kurung nikah (although my sister did scare me by saying that I still looked like I could shed a lot more pounds!), the Buai was absolutely beautiful with fresh flowers and all, my Dad was in a good mood, I had my girlfriends all the way from KL while hubby had his office mates and their families for the event, the photographs looked great and I had a lot of fun parading cutesy Aiden in front of a whole lot of adoring eyes!

However, by the time the event ended, hubby wasn’t feeling very well. He had a high fever and retired to the room for a short nap. After swallowing a whole lot of Paracetamol, he finally felt up for driving back to KL. By the time we were home, his fever was back. Tried to persuade him to take medical leave, but he was adamant about turning up for work as he was due to be in Pasir Gudang the next day. I threw my hands up in the air – what is it about men and their work??!!

The next day, hubby came home from Pasir Gudang looking absolutely wrecked. He had the fever, the flu, the cough… the whole works. And the worst part about it was - he infected me with his whole array of viruses! I woke up the next day feeling absolutely down in the dumps. Hubby was feeling a bit better, so he dragged me to the clinic. At the clinic, I was too sick to even sit up on the waiting chair, so I decided to buat clinic tuh macam clinic mak bapak I and slept on the long couch.

To cut a long story short, I was still breastfeeding Aiden while I was sick.. and lo and behold, Aiden caught the fever and the cough the very next day! It was Aiden’s first fever, and us as first time parents were absolutely freaked out! We rushed Aiden to Prince Court Medical Centre, where they recorded Aiden’s whopping 38.1degC fever! Considering his young age, Aiden was immediately given Panadol syrup and sponged down with cold water. Yet again, my poor Baby Boy was wailing his lungs out! That’s two cold showers in the span of one week!

We brought him home with him still feeling a bit feverish (and a new digital thermometer in tow – that should teach us to be more prepared before having a baby!). Unfortunately, his fever came back as the night progressed, and again we rushed to PCMC. Thank god Aiden’s pediatrician was on call, and she gave him a suppository Panadol and took his blood just in case. Unfortunately, Aiden’s pudgy hands were not really helpful in locating a vein, and Dr Padma had to prick him twice just to extract his blood. Again, my poor Baby Boy was crying his lungs out – while I was literally going worry crazy in the emergency room.

Finally, his fever subsided and we brought him home. He slept through the whole night while Mummy was wide awake taking his temperature every 3 hours. Phewww.. definitely an experience I do not want to go through again.

Now, Aiden is well and back to his playful self. He still demands to be rocked to sleep by his human Buai (read: Bibik), but is awake longer and able to have a “conversation” with me and focus on my off key singing of musical rhymes – sometimes singing along with me in his coos and endearing gurgles.

Oh, and Aiden is a botakhead now. Head is shaved clean. Absolutely adorable!

Happy 2 months old Aiden Irfan. Mummy and Daddy loves you to bits and pieces! One month to go before Mummy is back at work…. Uurrgghh…

Aiden being his usual happy self before the Naik Buai ceremony.

Aiden testing the waters before he started wailing his lungs out.

The beautiful Buai surrounded by the marhaban ladies.

Close up of the Buai.

Poor Aiden tired out after crying his lungs out.

Our perfect family, Alhamdulillah....

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