Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Very Hectic Day!

And so dear hubby is in Singapore for….. (drum roll please…) WORK! Duh! This is his first time away from Aiden and he is absolutely devastated to be berkilometer kilometer away from his Baby Boy (or so I thought)! Well he is devastated, but he is killing his devastation by swimming in the hotel swimming pool, hanging out with his co-workers, window shopping on Orchard Road and watching TV in his comfy hotel room. Hah! When Aiden woke me up at 4:30am yesterday, I was THIS close to texting him to ask him about his “first uninterrupted sleep in two months”! Uurrgghh…

Aiden woke me up again at 7:30am, and all my attempts to coax him back to sleep just didn’t work. He wanted to “talk”. And by “talk”, Aiden needs it to be a two-way conversation. He hates single sided conversations. This also means Mummy has to be awake to sing “Old McAiden had a farm.. eeyyaaa eeyyaa yoooo….” multiple times in the wee hours of the morning. After an hour of subjecting my neighbours to my horrible singsong voice, I decided to call it quits. Hell, the neighbours had to endure my endless banging on the piano when I was younger, now they have to listen to my horrible pitch? Boo hoo hoo.. poor them. I bet they’ll be very happy when we move out to our new house early next year. Sob sob…

I then rolled out of bed and handed Aiden to Bibik. First mission of the day: Apply for Aiden’s first passport for his first trip out of Malaysia next week to visit Daddy in Singapore. Got dressed and drove myself to the Wangsa Maju Immigration Office. I thought I was well prepared! I had a photocopy of hubby’s IC, Aiden’s birth certificate, Aiden’s MyKid and the oh so precious passport picture of Aiden (because it was such a challenge to get him to sit still in front of the camera). Boy, was I so wrong! I had forgotten to photocopy all the documents, and most importantly, I left Aiden at home. Duh… how was I supposed to know that I needed my two month old baby to be present during the application process??!! Drove back home to get Aiden and finally the application went through. So while we waited for Aiden’s passport, I dragged Bibik and Aiden for Aiden’s first trip to the kedai mamak for some roti canai and milo ais.

Second mission of the day: Call Cahaya SPK and the lawyer to discuss (read: shout, nag, scream) about the disbursement of payment for our new house and the accumulating interest due to the bank’s failure to pay the developer! So I put the waiting time to good use by having my roti canai and making calls with one hand, while holding Aiden with the other. Multi tasking at its best!

When we finally got out of Wangsa Maju, drove home to get ready for the third mission of the day: Aiden’s 2nd month checkup at PCMC. Got to PCMC on time (which is quite a miracle) and while waiting for the elevator up to the 6th floor, Aiden received adoring glances from a man, also waiting for the elevator. He struck up a conversation by asking about Aiden’s age… and we got to talking. Apparently his wife had just delivered a baby boy last Monday. Suddenly he said “My wife is Fifi”. I looked at him blankly. “ From Bersamamu…” he continued. “Oooohhhh…” I said… and made a mental note to Google this Fifi from Bersamamu. Well that’s another celebrity baby delivered by Dr Seri Suniza. Maybe I should try this Dr Seri after all. Have heard very good stories about her.

Aiden’s checkup with the doctor went surprisingly well. He was in a good mood, so when Dr Padma took his jeans off, he was smiling all the way. I think he thinks the doctor was going to change his diaper! Aiden loves it when we change his diaper or pants or booties; or whatever that involves touching him while he’s lying down. He was cooing when Dr Padma gave him his drops (flu vaccination via the mouth), he was smiling when Dr Padma gave him his first shot on the right thigh, but wailed full blast when he got the second shot on his left thigh. Oh well, at least he behaved three quarters of the way! And the bill came to approximately RM500. Sheeshhh … babies are expensive! Thank you Dutch oil company, for paying for my baby's health! *grin*

When we finally got home, I was ready to call it quits. I was famished, tired and cranky from running around town. But at least I have Singapore to look forward to! The Great Singapore Sale, here I come!

N.B: After googling Fifi Bersamamu, I have been bestowed with (probably useless) knowledge from various news articles about her. Her husband, Feriz (the elevator guy) gave Fifi RM50K as hantaran kahwin!

Sayang.... can I have RM50K to spend in Singapore??? Puhleassseeeee.....

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