Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Of Rainbows and Dead Fish

While browsing through the Times warehouse book sale last week, a thought crossed my mind. I wanted to find a copy of Laskar Pelangi. After reading about it on my friend’s blog here, I was quite curious on how an Indonesian bestseller novel could inspire her to write such a post (she was ready to take a flight out to Indonesia to find the writer to give him a hug... yes very dramatic!).

Unfortunately, my mind was on the Raoul sale downstairs, to actually spend the time rummaging through stacks and stacks of unorganized books. So, no Laskar Pelangi just yet.

Then a few days ago, the song Laskar Pelangi by Nidji was playing on the car CD player. I decided to tell hubby on my latest reading conquest. Considering how I am always reading English books (ala ala Melayu tak sedar diri), I wanted his opinion on my first attempt at a Melayu book.

Me: Yang, you tau tak Laskar Pelangi is actually the name of a bestseller Indonesian book, and after reading about it dari my friend’s blog, I think I nak baca jugak lah.

Him: Hahahahahahaha... you nie Bahasa Indonesia pun tak faham, nak baca buku Indonesia pulak. Do you even know what Laskar Pelangi means?

Me: YES!!!! *temper rising* Laskar means askar, and Pelangi means rainbow lah!

Him: Hahahahahahaha... Laskar is Askar? Hahahahahaha!!!

Me: Betul lah!!! *bloody angry* Kawan I tulis macam tuh! She said Laskar Pelangi is Soldiers of the Rainbow!

Him: Hahahahaha!!!!! (while clutching his perut in an effort to contain his laughter)

Me: *^%*%*$*$*^%$*^ Malas layan you!

So... again, no Laskar Pelangi just yet.

Then yesterday, I was reading this blog – and his latest entry was on the same book! Again, heaping praises on the book. Life changing apparently. And when he wrote, in his humble opinion, that the Laskar Pelangi movie fared way better than the latest Transformers movie, I felt like forcing hubby to drive me to the nearest bookstore to get the book! Bistra bistra!!

Unfortunately, hubby was down in the dumps. A disease had ravaged the life of someone close to him. Yes – some disease has infected his beloved koi pond, subsequently killing 3 of his 5 newly bought ‘fishys’. And claimed the life of one ‘resident fishy’ (a name we give to any fish that has resided in the pond for more than a month).

Fishy... may you rest in peace. We mourn for you, and may you have a happier life in heaven without cats and diseases and everything that makes you sad.
The koi pond hubby so meticulously tends to every weekend. Full of mold which hubby claims “makes the kolam look authentic!”. Whatever lah darling!!!
So again... no Laskar Pelangi just yet. Soon... Soon...................


  1. you're right actually, laskar means askar. hehehe...

    but to have the movie compared to transformers...well, they both belong to diff classes...hahaha

    but, i totally agree, once u've read the book, not only you feel like rushing to indonesia to hug the author and his friends as well,

    u'd also learn to be more grateful with what u have, insyaAllah.

    p.s: laskar pelangi actually is only a quarter of a tetralogy. u have to get them all!

  2. OMG... I just read your blog, the red highlights tuh macam to highlight how good Laskar Pelangi is. Haha... okay okay I get the picture.

    And I probably wont be able to compare it to Transformers sbb sejak jadi Mummy tak boleh tengok wayang! Sob sob.

    OK, I just got the book today. Will let you know the verdict!

  3. heheheh, aku ingat aku dah bagi ajaran sesat psl bahasa indonesia nih. Nasib baik mmg translation aku betul :p Enjoy the book (and three sequels after that!)


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