Saturday, September 5, 2009

Buka Puasa, Courtesy of the Office!

Yesterday, the Dutch oil company held a Majlis Berbuka Puasa (breaking of fast) in Equatorial Hotel especially for its employees and family. Though they underestimated the number of attendees (apparently they have yet to improve from the lesson they learnt from the last Annual Dinner held late last year where they squeezed A LOT of people in a small club), it was a very casual event with scrumptious nyummy food and excellent company. I especially liked the convergence of all races (including expatriates) to celebrate the joyous month of Ramadhan. It was fun seeing the mat salleh bosses in their best batik shirts, and colleagues dressed in their best baju kurungs instead of the normal dinner dresses that would usually dominate our dinner events.

Mummy and Aiden in the car, stuck in a massive traffic jam at 7pm when the event was scheduled to start at 630pm. Mummy actually freaked out in the car, fearing that her end-year evaluation would be tarnished due to her failure to attend the event on time...

An overexposed picture of Aiden. Blame the camera for this cos Daddy refused to lug his heavy SLR for the event. Iskh!

And the best part was being able to show off Aiden to the office crowd. He was a big hit! He was literally passed from one hand to the other, starting with the big boss himself, all the way to my closest friends and colleagues!

This is Steve. He is the Deepwater Engineering Manager (aka Big Boss). He was so fascinated by Aiden's cuteness (chewah!), therefore he picked Aiden up and proceeded to parade him around the whole ballroom while Mummy & Daddy wolfed down plates after plates of nyummy food! Aiden subsequently puked on him, in which Terry exclaimed "He's puking on you Steve! And it's only on your brand new batik shirt!"

Aiden fascinated by Steve's comical face. Haha, my Big Boss is funny!

Noris with Aiden. Noris took over babysitting Aiden while Mummy and Daddy filled their tummy with more food...

Aiden joined the men in their "networking" talk, where business cards were exchanged.

Mummy and the ladies, posing with Aiden.

This is Terry. He is the Gumusut Project Venture Lead (aka Big Boss no.2). I wonder, what is going through Aiden's head? Cos he looks really fascinated here...

This is Rich. He is the Civil Marine Engineering Manager (aka my Boss, aaaccckkk!!!) At this point, Aiden was sick and tired of being passed from one hand to another, that he did not even bother to check out Rich's face.

Good food and good company. The office gang!

Daddy savoring the last bite of aiskrim goreng (fried ice-cream) while Aiden silently counts down to the date when he can finally try these goodies his parents are constantly shoving down their mouths. Haha!

Picture proof that these two ladies (Noris & Huraizah) were using the same handbag that night. Faux pas betul! Btw, I have the same handbag as well. Azwin has one as well. Simply put, the whole office gang has the same handbag!

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