Thursday, March 20, 2014

Aiden's First Day at Kindergarten - Real Kids Plus!

This year, Aiden is attending a new kindergarten! I have heard a lot of good things about the Real Kids kindergarten chain, and was especially happy that there is a Real Kids Plus close to our house. Even though it meant that Aiden had to take a van to school (yes - 5 year old Aiden now rides a school van to kindy - things kids have to do these days for good education, damn the competitive world!), but on the positive side, it meant stricter bedtime hours, early rise and shine, and less excuses to ponteng school!

Curriculum wise, Aiden learns Jolly Phonics, the typical bahasa, english and mathematics, gym, swimming, computer, music, science, agama and even basic communicative Mandarin! The school has their own swimming pool, and their music class is run by a lady who can give individual piano lessons. Reminds me so much of my own kindergarten years, where I used to take ballet and piano after school hours.Back then we even had a sand pit - I've never seen one of those anymore in kindergartens. Must be due to hygienic reasons or something - *tsk*tsk*.

As I am writing this, Aiden has been in school for just over 3 months. And he has blossomed beautifully with his new school. He now knows most of the alphabets, recognizes and writes numbers 1 till 10, knows how to write his name, is able to associate letter sounds with the correct letters (A makes the sound Aahh), and recognizes most of upper and lower case letters (he came home and said, "Mummy, today I learnt the letter B and kechik B!" Of course I cracked up laughing...). My boy can also now recite the number 1-10 in Malay! Tapi dengan pelat mat salleh lah. Very funny! He has homework almost every other day, and although I turn into a singa betina whenever I supervise him with his homework, I am secretly pleased that he wants to do homework, even the reading ones!

Hubby is also very happy with Aiden's progress -  he initially had reservations about sending Aiden to such an english oriented kindy, he was worried about the Islamic side of the curriculum. But Aiden now insists on saying "Bismillah" before eating and constantly reminds us to do the same (if not, we will be eating with ants and worms)! He also insists on reading the doa before sleeping, so that he doesn't get bad dreams, or so he says. He is more receptive to performing the solat together with us, and can nearly recite the arabic alphabets perfectly. If he has agama class that day, I will sometimes catch him humming some tunes which definitely has the words "Rasulullah" or "Alhamdulillah" in it - unfortunately it's just short snippets so I can't seem to make out the entire tune he's singing!

He has made lots of new friends - Danya being his best friend, of course. A close school friend of mine lives quite close to us and her daughter is the same age as Aiden. Whenever she comes over, it takes about 2 hours for Danya to warm up to Aiden... just about the time when her mum is ready to head home. So, I decided to place Aiden in the same class as her, and it worked out quite well because now they are really close, it's a running joke that everyone calls them childhood sweethearts. Aaawwww... Apart from Danya, I hear names like Radley and Amzar being thrown around. But then again, I never have to worry about my social butterfly making friends, anyway!

The only thing that I have to work on, is Aiden's fear with water. His coach reported that he still needs help going into the pool (water depth up until his waist, jer!) but I really really hope he will build some courage by the end of the year. Oh, and his focus span. His teacher says he's quite playful in class, but with all the progress he's making - I really can't complain!

Anyway, here are pictures from his first day of school:

All excited to start his first day at the new school!
The budak skema pose. I only found out afterwards, that they do not need to tuck in their shirts. 
Aiden insisted on taking a picture with his school bag.
First time boarding the van. Notice the cuak face? I had to quickly put him into the van, assured him that we would see him at school, and walked away before any bawling drama.
Thankfully, he recognized his friends from our neighbourhood. Brand new van - plastic still intact!
We followed the van to school. We just wanted to give him the exposure of riding the van to school on his first day. This van is dedicated to providing transportation for Cahaya SPK kids, so at least my heart is at ease, knowing that everyone knows everyone in that van.
Van was late at picking Aiden up, so he arrived late at school. Which meant that he didn't get to sit at the same table as Danya! That's Danya, behind him.
First day of school, so they get to play blocks. Apparently those blocks were never seen again because Aiden kept asking for them! Really Aiden, Mummy sent you to school to learn, not to play blocks! *smacks own head*
Aiden's class is on the first floor - so he has to climb the stairs to class. Despite my confinement, I climbed those stairs twice that day! Anything for my son!
Loving the classroom. Clean wooden floors, bright sunlight from the windows, and air-conditioned.
Cute mini sink. They have their meals in the classroom.
That's Aiden's class teacher. Another class teacher not in picture. Aiden's class has 18 students (including him).
Danya and Aiden going home after the first day of school. Danya's Mummy was oh so kind to give us a lift home that day.
It was so adorable, hearing them both making conversation in the car!
And of course, drama ensued - Aiden didn't want to leave the car and insisted that Danya follow him into the house!
24th January, one of my proudest Mummy moments; Aiden came home and wrote his name all by himself. 
Then a week later, he wrote Daddy's name - of course, I had to spell it out.
Hubby was so proud!!!


  1. Hi Lizzie,

    Nice blog girl! REAL kids in Shah Alam? How good are they compared to Smart Readers? X

    1. Hi Vimi - This is Real Kids Plus Bukit Jelutong. Not so sure about Smart Readers, never tried them. But I give two thumbs up for Real Kids Plus! :)

  2. Hi Lizzie,
    Is he going to Real kids Seksyen 8, Shah Alam?

    1. Hi Sofea - Aiden goes to Real Kids Plus Bukit Jelutong...

  3. Salam Sofea... apa beza real kids plus dgn real kids?

  4. Hello Liz, can i get the transportation number to Real Kids in Bukit Jelutong?

    1. Hi, please contact Real Kids directly. They have their own transportation, depending on your location.


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