Friday, March 14, 2014

Ian's First Month Photoshoot

Throwback post! Ian turned one month old close to the end of 2013 and pantang or no pantang, that deserved a celebration right? 

(I don't know how people do confinement all cooped up at home. Yes, yes, I know it's supposed to be good for me and I'll probably pay for it dearly when i'm all old and wrinkly - but really, I can't sit still! Just two weeks after giving birth, Ian and I ventured out for the first time to register Aiden at a new kindergarten, and a trial piano music class - more on that later. Three weeks after giving birth, we went to test drive a car and then to Setia City Mall where Hubby celebrated my post pregnancy body *grin* by treating me to new clothes at H&M. And a month after giving birth - by Chinese confinement standards, I would have tasted freedom by then, but Malay standards mandate an additional 14 days... why why why?? Plus having a hubby who questions "Why is pantang 44 days and not 45 days? Will your body magically become resilient at 45 days instead of 44?" certainly does not help at all.)

I digress. Anyway, what better way to celebrate Ian's one month birthday than by freezing those memories through photographs? 

Hello! I'm one month old today!
No michelin arms like Aiden but Ian has peha berlipat lipat!
Okay, I didn't mean capturing those moments with an iPhone camera, but rather by having a professional photo shoot at Picture Company. I've been a member of the Picture Company since 2011, and all of our whitewall prints are from them. I love that I can book a photo shoot at any time, plus they have wonderful costumes and props - it's no wonder that Aiden enjoys posing for them everytime. Aaahhh, my son loves being the center of attention, so it's just natural that he's not shy in front of the lens of a camera.

Before we pose, we must feed our tummy first. Chili's grilled lamb and roasted vegetables should be confinement friendly, right? And then chocolate lava cake (without the ice-cream - sejuk maa) as a wonderful end to the meal.
Aiden immediately jumped into a costume, while we got Ian ready for his first photoshoot.
Ian posing! 
After a few clicks, we decided to cover him with a blanket because without it, it was starting to turn into an advertorial photo shoot for Mamy Poko!
I found some blocks as props.
The photographer asked Aiden, "How old are you?" and he answered confidently "4!" But I insisted that he pose with the number 5 - so that I can use those pictures for his upcoming 5th birthday party.
Posing sakan!
A big smile for Mummy's iPhone!
I never have to "force" him to pose. He just needs a bit of encouragement and then he poses like a natural!
Next costume - a police officer!
Alahhh cair with Aiden's sweet smile. If a police officer pulled me by the roadside with this smile, I would surely swoon! *giggles*
Anyway, here are the creative pictures that made our cut. First up, Ian's naked photos!

Next, Aiden's poses. It was no easy feat, choosing which one we liked best:

Muay Thai boxer, anyone?
The intense boxer.
The adorable boxer.

The serious boxer.
The race car driver. 
I can't believe my cheeky boy is turning 5!
Talking about love, Aiden is slowly but surely starting to love his baby brother. He's constantly smooching his brother with kisses that melts my heart. And that night, he asked to carry his brother in his arms! We complied, with close supervision of course!

"I love you Ian" and "How're you doin' buddy?" are some of Aiden's memorable statements to Ian. Cracks us up, every time!
The loving big brother... while muka Ian redhaaaa jer lah!

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