Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Lego Ninjago Cake

Lego Ninjago
I haven't been baking much these days. It is no easy feat trying to juggle baking in the kitchen with two boys in tow. It takes quite a bit of coaxing for me to accept orders, especially complicated designs and such. But I just couldn't resist saying no to this order, especially since the customer is a very good friend of mine, and also because she claimed "senang jer cake nie, ko selimutkan jer fondant tuh atas cake tuh!" (This is an easy cake to make, just drape the fondant over the cake like a blanket!")

Okay.. so challenge accepted. I chose to make Kai the red ninja since I had a tub of red fondant available. Hubby was happy he didn't have to knead fondant that night! Yes, he's my official fondant kneader - I try to minimize hard work with my wrists due to a growing ganglion on my left wrist. *grin

Chocolate cake ready and frosted. Three fondant layers in total - first layer under the eyes and a second layer over the eyes.
Then the third and last layer under the eyes to give it a 3D effect.
Lined the eyes with rolled black fondant.
Eyebrows should have been more slanted to give it a more "fierce" look. Unfortunately I dropped the eyebrow onto the fondant as I was trying to gingerly place it where I actually I wanted it. And everyone knows wet fondant isn't very forgiving *sigh*
Overlapped and creased the fondant to make it look like a ninja mask.
I had a lot of queries on how I made the Lego base. Sorry to burst your bubble, but that is an actual Lego board. I've actually never seen one in Malaysia. I bought this in Houston last year.
Kai is like fire; he's wild and dangerous. He's quick to act, quick to attack, and quick to get into big, big trouble. 

Aiden is currently going through a Lego phase. He's slowly phasing out of Duplo, and ever since we went to see the Lego Movie, he's more open to dismantling his Lego and making new inventions with it. I encourage him by saying that it makes him a "Master Builder", quoting the Lego movie of course.

Someone skipped school to watch Lego Movie with Mummy!
Posing with his latest creation.
Master builder at work!
Of course, going through the Lego phase also means that my living hall is peppered with Lego pieces, causing me to yelp in pain every time I step on one!

Very true. Image courtesy of Google.

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