Saturday, March 22, 2014

Ian at Three Months Old!

Wow, time sure flies when you are a stay at home mum!

Ian is turning 4 months in exactly one week and I will start work a few days after that. I certainly enjoyed my 4 months maternity leave (bila lagi nak cuti panjang, kan), but unfortunately have not managed to accomplish everything in my to do list. Apparently sleeping and doing nothing is much more interesting than sorting out pictures for our US/Disneyland trip photobook, or updating this blog with the recent Aqiqah and Aiden's 5th birthday party.

Until I get a girl, I simply have to satisfy my shopping craze by buying and dressing my two boys in matching clothes! *sigh*
Anyway, before Ian turns 4 months, I better get to recording what he is up to nowadays!
  • Loves smiling, first time he smiled when di-agah was in the plane home from Kuching just as he turned 2 months old. 
  • Generally a happy baby, big smiles, senget smiles. But rarely laughs out loud. 
See, big smile all the time! Tapi no sound! Just smilesssssss....
  • However, he has a soft spot for Aiden, or rather a loud spot for him, cos everytime Aiden agah him, he will respond in a loud high pitch voice especially reserved for his big brother. So far, only Aiden has managed to make him laugh out loud. That's how special Aiden is in Ian's eyes.
Best friends baru bangun tido, which explains their mata sepet.
  • Morning person. Aiden enjoys sleeping in during weekends, but Ian is already up and awake early in the morning. However, now that my holiday is coming to an end, I would coax Ian into sleeping till late morning by breastfeeding him in bed. *grin*
Ian is already awake, while Aiden snores in the background.
  • Same as Abang Aiden, he doesn't like being placed down. Nak dukung memanjang, adoi patah pinggang Mummy. But slightly better than Aiden, at least there are times he can watch TV on his own in the rocker or self soothe himself on the mattress. 
  • When placed flat on the mattress, he prefers turning to his left, then sucks his fingers quietly. Or, as soon as we lay him down he will turn to his left and flip over, head strongly lifted up. Once I caught him in that position, watching Aiden play his iPad intently!
Check out the strong neck muscles, and the focus!
  • Unlike his brother who fears the water immensely, this one is a water baby! Immediately quiets down when you start undressing him, and grins and coos when in the bath tub.
  • Knows my voice, cos even by hearing my voice he will get excited, which he will show by kicking his feet against the rocker base.
  • Loves making conversation - me talking, him cooing back. Sometimes his coos are so long and complicated it sounds like he's complaining about something! Favorite position for cooing is head side by side, forehead nearly touching. His breathe smells so sweet!
  • Hair is growing well on the top, but none on the sides! We even had to trim the top before the aqiqah so that he doesn't look like Fido Dido!
See the hair sticking from the top?
  • Doesn't like being held horizontal. Prefers to be vertical when di-dukung, and will proceed to suck your shoulder until he falls asleep. 
  • Hates "sitting down" and insists we hold him standing up. Doesn't like sitting on my lap and will automatically use his feet to push himself up. 
He used to love coo-ing to me in this position. Now he wants to stand all the time. Oh, my arm muscles!
  • (If in the mood), he loves watching Hi-5, sometimes we catch him talking or cooing back to the TV
  • Still fully breastfed, drinks about 4oz per feeding. Nowadays, he even wants to hold his own bottle while feeding.
Double, triple chin! Nyummmm.... all on Mummy's milk.
  • Is starting to slowly extend his hand out to reach out to things. I think he still hasn't figured out that those are his hands and fingers. 
  • Which is why sometimes he looks in amazement (sometimes almost crossed eyed!) at his fingers before proceeding to suck it. 
The many faces of Ian Iskandar.

Here's to the end of my Mummy's four month maternity leave. Boo hoo hoo!

And that brings us to the close of Ian's third month old journey. Happy four months old, baby!


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