Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Ian's First Visit to the Doctor..

Aiden had his first visit to the doctor when he was a month old. Well, Prince Court must have changed their policies as Ian's first scheduled appointment with his pediatrician was when he was just a week old. I, of course jumped at the chance of getting out of the house. Even after just a week of confinement, I was going crazy being confined at home! I am one who really cannot duduk diam. Since this time around I was set on handling my own confinement period, I was ultimately responsible for making or breaking my pantang. So yes, no confinement lady to take care of me, but I would get daily visits from the urut lady whilst my maid would cook pantang food for me, based on recipes I had pre-printed. Of course, I also had my share of "surprise" visits from my neighbours - who would do spot checks on me to make sure I was wearing my bengkung and socks.

Ian officiating the Maxi Cosi car seat that we brought home all the way from Houston.
Definitely a good buy!

Since Hubby had taken way too much paternity leave, he couldn't accompany us to the hospital, but instead he chauffeured us to the hospital (and then back home). Everywhere we walked, people would give us curious stares. I think it must have been because Ian looked super duper tiny in that huge car seat. A lady actually asked whether Ian was a month old, and when I replied that he was a week old, she gave an audible gasp. She must have thought that I was crazy bringing a one week old baby around in a stroller. Oh, and I proudly showed her that I was wearing socks inside my sneakers, just in case she thinks that I was planning to not honour my confinement!

Ian's pants were literally hanging off him.
And trust my maid to put his pants wrong way front. Ian looked like he was modelling exclusively for Guess!
Absolutely irritated with the weighing scale.

Ian's pediatrician was extremely happy with the fact that Ian was fully breast fed, and also the weight gain (cos babies typically lose about 5-7% of their birth weight in the first week after birth), so we were just told to continue with what we were doing. I also didn't have any burning questions, since dah macam pro this second time around... so our appointment ended early.

While waiting for Hubby to arrive, just my luck - the hospital was organizing an international food fest at the lobby. They had so many types of food, I was seriously considering breaking my pantang! Aiden on the other hand, wanted to try everything - from the Korean barbeque, to the Asian cuisine all the way to the scrumptious desserts!

Aiden coaxed me into buying the vanilla and red velvet cupcakes. Okay, fine... I cheated on my pantang and had a small bite! Heck, how can I say no to cream cheese???

Check out his excited pose. Again, he managed to coax me to buy meringue kisses and chocolate chip cookies from the stall behind him. Aaaahhh the temptation!
Same pose, more food! *cries*
In the end I found a stall that sold chicken porridge, and that was the most confinement-compliant food around, so I had that. Aiden on the other hand, had a very scrumptious looking nasi lemak!
Back home, this bald boy was suntanning in the garden patio.
So proud that Ian is starting to sprout some chubby cheeks. All on Mummy's milk!


  1. congrats liz!! Ian looks amazing... ~love vibe here~

  2. Thank you for the congratulatory wish. I'm a mother of two!!


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