Wednesday, March 12, 2014

My 8th Anniversary Surprise!

Another throwback post. Since our 8th anniversary fell on the 10th day of my confinement, I didn't expect much of a celebration this year. Perfectly understandable since there was no way I would be allowed out of the house for an intimate dinner, let alone spark some fireworks in the bedroom.

However, my husband is a man of many mysteries. I say that, because he does surprises when you least expect them. (And when you expect a surprise, there is surprisingly - none!) Come the anniversary date, we did the customary anniversary wishes (and virtual kisses through WhatsApp) and before I knew it, it was already night time and time for bed. During the confinement days, I would go to bed early as I co-slept with Ian and Aiden would insist on sleeping on the same bed as me, so once he dozes off, Hubby would lift him onto the sofa bed they both shared. (And when he wakes up in the middle of the night, he would walk over to the bed and cuddle me - imagine being squeezed between one clingy toddler and a fragile infant, not comfortable I can assure you!)

The next morning I woke up and gingerly pushed myself from between my two kids, and slowly lifted my weight off the mattress. Hubby had left for work and Aiden was still on school holiday, so I really treasured those quiet "me" moments in the morning. And.... there was a surprise waiting for me on the dining table!

A beautifully set table, lovingly done by my Hubby of 8 years.
Picture in the frame was our first picture together, back in 2004. And if you're wondering what the note said, it started with an apology for not being able to be there when I woke up and it also said that he had picked a special song to serenade me while I had breakfast. All I had to do was to press play on the iPad player. Awww...
Three stalks of roses (cos he knows how much I hate wasting money on flower bouquets). An anniversary card, and of course the gift - jewelry in the box!
Love the jewelry, but also love the pastry and sweet fruits! Maklumlah, orang tengah pantang! I obviously cheated on my pantang again that morning *grins*
The anniversary card on the side. Notice the new dining table? Will blog about that in a separate post.
I was extremely touched with Hubby's effort. Add that to my imbalanced hormones post pregnancy, which made me bawl at even the slightest things... of course I teared up when I called Hubby to thank him. Apparently he slept at 2am the previous night, writing the card and setting the table. I was even more touched when he said he checked the lyrics of the song he dedicated to me to make sure that the lyrics were appropriate! (We previously had an unfortunate incident where he dedicated a breakup song to me, so good to know that he's adamant on not repeating the same mistake.)

And... just my luck - as soon as I dived into the divine looking pastry, someone started coo-ing from the bedroom.

Check out the deep set eyes. Definitely Mummy's boy (at least for now)!
Of course, Abang Aiden woke up shortly after.
My only hope is that they grow up loving each other the way they do now.
My two out of three boys in the family. I am definitely outnumbered.
Thank you for the surprise Hubby. I love the gift, and the memory of the surprise is definitely to be treasured. See - I am a girl who is easily pleased, although I am still waiting for my dream Chanel classic 2.55 in caviar. *grin* Love you, sayang! *kisses*


  1. Hehe thanks Farah! Memang sweet!

  2. hahaaha..that break up song part buat i ketawa sorang sorang kat ofis liz! -erma

    1. Hahahaha glad I made you laugh!!! Break up songgggg tuuuuuuu.....


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