Thursday, May 8, 2014

Aiden's 5th Birthday at Real Kids!

Happy 5th Birthday, Aiden!

Can you believe it? Aiden initially requested for a cake with all (I repeat ALL) of the Disney Junior characters on it. Especially Sheriff Callie. Oh god, Mandy Moore how did you make my son love you that much? 

So I decided to suggest more manly alternatives. Such as superheroes! Just name it Aiden, whatever you want - Mummy will make it. Just not Sheriff Callie, please! In the end he agreed to Avengers - apparently he has taken quite a liking to the Thor hammer. He wanted the complete set - in order of preference - Thor, Iron Man, Captain America and Hulk! A few days after he made up his mind, he added a request for "Captain America's boss, the one with the eye patch!" Erk, yes he wanted Nick Fury on the cake. How lah???

Anyway, keeping practicalities in check - I got to work! This time I decided to challenge myself to a two-tier cake for my first born. The bottom tier was a chocolate cake with chocolate ganache frosting whilst the upper tier was a white cake with cream cheese frosting. *drool*

This is how I typically bake in the kitchen. TV on, mess on the table, Ian in his rocker and Aiden, erm entertaining himself.
He wanted to draw on the wall. As an alternative, we agreed to paste a piece of paper on the kitchen cabinet for him to show off his artistic skills. That piece of paper is still stuck on my cabinet!
The two cakes, frosted and ready to be assembled.
Hubby aka creative director helping out with Iron Man's mask. Love you, darling!
Captain America, Iron Man and Thor.. all on one cake!
Top of the cake. Iron Man looked a tad too slim with botox cheeks. Oh well!
Bottom of the cake. We figured a bit too late that the Captain America shield would block the space intended for Aiden's name, hence Aiden's name had to be shifted slightly to the right.

I initially wanted to make Aiden's name in green as a tribute to Hulk - it was getting a bit too late at night to make Hulk's hand. But in the end I decided against it as I thought people wouldn't understand the reference. Dah tiba tiba green pulak on a red, yellow and blue cake, kan

Top of the cake. Thor's hammer is completely made from cake, covered with fondant. Bukan fondant block, yer.
A close up of the hammer. I mixed the colour brown into the fondant but didn't mix it thoroughly to get traces of dark brown so it looks like a 'rope', wrapped around the handle. Used a satay stick to assemble the hammer head and the handle together.
And guess what happened when he saw the cake. My most critical customer asked me why his superheroes were not in human form. *disbelief* Hashtag hard to please. Jeez!

Since being a Mummy of two has given me the license to claim being busy all the time, I decided to just reuse Aiden's pizza party printables for his kindergarten party. Same favour boxes, personalized water bottle and chocolate - but I added a special personalized box of colour pencils for each of Aiden's classmate. See if you can spot them below!

Customized party favours. 
I made sure I placed a limit on the number of candy I packed into the favour box. But I just couldn't resist sneaking in the red gum balls!

On the day of Aiden's birthday party, I made a short pit stop to our neighbourhood Dominos for some scrumptious pizzas to bring to Aiden's school. I had specifically told Aiden to inform his teacher that we were coming with a cake and (4 large) pizzas. Guess what? The only thing Aiden told his teacher was that he was getting a superheroes cake. Anddddd we were late! When we arrived, the students were just finishing their mihun goreng and were getting ready for computer class. Thankfully, the children were happy enough to swap computer class for cake and pizza!

Ian was the center of attention among the girls. And some boys, too!
And Ian gets a smooch!
While the girls were crowding around Ian, the boys were crowding around the cake. Aiden's teacher had to practically force everyone back to their seat.
We were then greeted with a chorus of "Good Morning Ma'am! Good morning Sir!" and even a "Good Morning Makcik!" for my maid. Such great manners.
Yes, I brought my own cake stand. I am kiasu that way.
Getting ready to sing the birthday song.
That's Aiden's best friend - Radley on his left. When Aiden told me about his best friend Radley, I thought he was tricking me. They had even made plans about sleepovers at each other's houses. Which was hilariously funny, because Aiden couldn't even tell me where he lives! *kids nowadays*
And they posed!
My baby is 5!
Helping him cut the cake.
Radley peeking curiously at the cake. I knew he had his heart set on eating the Thor hammer. In fact, nearly all the boys wanted the hammer. So, we brought the hammer home!
Ooppss! We forgot Ian!
The girl beside Aiden is Aliesha. 

During a recent parent-teacher meeting, Aiden's class teacher explained that Aiden likes Aliesha. She had to separate Aiden and Radley from sitting beside each other as they were causing too much havoc together *obviously* and made Aiden sit beside Aliesha. After a while, when she wanted to make Aiden swap seats again, he actually protested! And after meeting Aliesha - I figured out why. She has got to be the softest, cutest child in class! She's quiet, while Aiden is just the opposite. Okay, you get the drift.

We requested for Aiden to open his presents in class. Thankfully, Aiden's teacher agreed.
In the end, the other kids were the ones excitedly trying out Aiden's new toys.
We saved the best for last. Mummy and Daddy's present.
I swear, nearly the whole class was screaming in excitement when they saw the Nerf gun. 20 kids in high pitch voices. I bet we even interrupted the concentration of the class next door.
Heck, even I got excited with the Nerf gun. 

Anyway, the kids barely even finished one large box of pizza so we took one home and left the two remaining ones for the teachers to finish up. Even the two-tier cake was barely touched. Lesson learnt, kids don't eat that much.

Andddd the birthday boy gets the Thor hammer!

Happy birthday, Abang Aiden - our amazing young man. We hope you enjoyed your birthday party, baby! With love from Mummy, Daddy and Ian. *kisses*


  1. Happy bday handsome boy..

  2. hahaha.. he is all grown up mommy.. looking realy hensem and all.. :)


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