Saturday, May 17, 2014

Happy Teachers' Day!

Buying presents for Teachers' Day is no easy feat. I know some schools place a cap on the price of the gift, as there had been an instance where the student gave the teacher a new handphone! But really, it's not the price that bothers me. I just don't know what to buy! I usually make it a point to give something practical or something that they can treasure or keep. But then again I didn't want to give her mugs, pens, note books, keychains, fridge magnets or anything like that. I wanted to make something for her, but I am not quite as artistic as I would like to be. So what should I give to Aiden's teacher to show to her how grateful I am for all the progress that Aiden's been having?

Bake her something! That much I can do. In the end, I decided to bake some macarons. Not only is it thoughtful, it is also something that she can eat and is not something that will gather dust on a rack somewhere. 

Thankfully, I always keep spare gift containers at home in case I decide to bake something and give it away as a present. Aiden picked the colour blue whilst I chose the colour pink (to match the pink ribbon). The card was a homemade project by Aiden and Daddy while Mummy was busy baking in the kitchen - hence please excuse the messy (but adorably cute) handwriting.

Happy Teacher's Day, Miss Jennet!
I should also state a thank you to all the individuals that have taught me in life, in one way or another:

  • My playschool teachers in the LPPKN nursery and Pusaka
  • My kindergarten teachers in Villamaria Good Shepherd
  • My school teachers in Bukit Bintang Girls School and Sekolah Seri Puteri
  • My lecturers at Taj College and University of Malaya
  • My mentors in the Dutch Oil Company
  • And last but not least, my mother, the best teacher of all - I see myself turning more and more into her as the age catches up. Love you, Mummy!

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