Monday, May 12, 2014

We Found Our Old Baby Beemer!

It was a day just like any other weekend. That fateful weekend, we decided to brave the traffic into KL by heading to MidValley Megamall. I wanted to run various errands - from upsizing my wedding ring to downsizing my work pants. We also wanted to send our new Baby Beemer for a wash so that we didn't have to search for parking, but the car wash only accepted cars with membership - how people do business like this, I don't understand. So Hubby circled the parking area a few times to search for parking and suddenly, he exclaimed, "Eh, yang! Our car!"

Yes, barely two months after selling our old Baby Beemer, it has moved in with a new owner. And we found the car in MidValley, of all places! As fate wanted it, we found a parking spot just three cars away from it. We quickly parked and walked over to our old baby. It looked bright and shiny, and the interior was even painted new. All of Aiden's hard work peeling the dashboard was completely gone! There were a couple of files in the backseat and there was even a stuffed toy behind the back seat headrest.

(I later found out from a friend that the stuffed toy is a Rilakkuma - erk forgive my ignorance but I had to google to find out what in the world is a Rilakkuma bear! Rilakkuma is a combination of the Japanese pronunciation of relax and the Japanese word for bear, hence a relax bear? Wow, the new owners must be uber cool!)

Hello baby!
Excited faces, posing with our old baby.
A must have selfie with the earlier mentioned Rilakkuma.

We were so excited about finding the car that we couldn't stop talking about it over lunch. I mean, how often would you be able to find your old car in a place as huge as Kuala Lumpur? We were secretly hoping that we would be able to meet the new owners before we left the mall, but as were walking back to our car after completing our errands, the car was still there. So I did the next best thing I could think of. I wrote them a note!

A note for the new owners.
Yeah, we used to own this car *sebak*

So, to the new owners of our Baby Beemer, I hope you love the car as much as we did. And please take good care of my baby! Till we see you again, XOXO.

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