Tuesday, May 13, 2014

KGB: Killer Gourmet Burger, Bangsar

This is currently my favourite burger joint. However, since they are only open for lunch on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays (but for dinner everyday), I have only managed to squeeze three trips for their delicious burgers - twice during my extended Friday lunch with my office mates, and once with Hubby on a very rushed Saturday lunch.We typically have dinner at home during the weekdays and we don't usually like to venture into Telawi during the weekends, preferring instead to stick to quieter more family oriented malls such as BSC, Empire or even Setia City Mall. But I simply had to get Hubby to try the burgers, so here are pictures from my last trip with him.

Pictures taken when I was 7 months pregnant so excuse the huge nose! 

KGB Bangsar is located on the same row as Devi's Corner. It occupies a small half lot, but don't be fooled by the size of the shop - because the burgers certainly make up for the tiny space! Due to its popularity, be prepared to wait for a seat during dinner hours - or just do takeaway. When I first came with my colleagues, we assumed that someone would take our order at the table. Erm, sorry, you have to queue up and order just like a fast food restaurant and then the burgers would be sent to your table. Not to worry though, the folks at KGB are super nice - we sat around like queens waiting for someone to take our order and their staff was nice enough to do so and accepted our payment at the table due to our ignorance. Must be because it was during lunch and there weren't a lot of customers around. Don't do the same as us during rush hour, okay!

I love the fact that the burgers are cooked medium well, but you can always specify something different, even medium rare, when ordering. I also love that their burger buns are individually stamped with the letters KGB, makes the whole burger experience so unique! 

My favourite burger - Bash!
Yes, those are cornflakes.

My favourite burger is Bash - grilled grassfed beef, beef bacon relish, provolone cheese, caramelized onions and maple cornflakes. The beef is tender, thick and juicy, and the cornflakes gives the burger an extra crunch! *drool* I really think the cornflakes idea is just genius!

Someone now knows how to do the duck face!
Cheeky Aiden.

Unfortunately for Aiden, KGB doesn't serve hot dogs. Only burgers. So he had to just munch on our fries until we could find another restaurant for his hot dogs.

Hubby's burger - Tornado.
Hubby was attracted to the onion rings in the burger.

Hubby's burger, the Tornado - grilled grassfed beef, onion rings, sunny side egg and buffalowing aioli. A slightly messy burger to eat with the runny egg yolk and mayo dripping and all. We swapped burgers a few times during the meal - both burgers were darn good. Next time I am going to try the Bella Bomb Tower. The portobello mushroom sure sounds mighty good, and triple melted cheese - need I say more?? Even the Truffle'd Swiss Mushroom sounds good. *double drool*

However, if gourmet burgers are not your thing and you're salivating for a simple beef burger - try The Shack. My colleague who had it enjoyed her meal immensely!

The menu.

Two thumbs up for KGB. They certainly live up to their tag line - Life is too short for bad burgers!

KGB Bangsar
23, Jalan Telawi 2, 
Bangsar Baru, 
59100 Kuala Lumpur

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