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Weekend Getaway to Grand Lexis Port Dickson

Today officially marks my first full month at work. Despite dragging my feet to the office the first few days (and periodically glancing at my payslip to remind myself why I work), I think I have finally adjusted to the whole waking up early, driving through an hour of traffic, non-stop meetings, lunch outings and driving through another hour of traffic to get home. Work has been pretty slow, so I guess I timed the pregnancy just right. My colleagues and contractors are generally happy that i'm back and the issues we discuss in meetings are quite frankly, in similar condition as when I left them, so it's really like I never left!

I do miss the whole SAHM thingy; I miss planning dishes to cook for the family, baking a cake at the spur of the moment, cuddling with Ian whenever I can, going for facial and manicures during the day, meeting up with Hubby for an impromptu lunch and of course - what I missed the most is the luxury of being able to pick up Aiden from school and spending great quality time with him over lunch or at a shopping mall together.

Anyway, this is a month overdue post. Hubby was kind enough to suggest a short getaway before I started work, but since Ian was only 4 months old (back then), we didn't want to embark on an adventurous journey or anything as strenuous as that. In the end, we decided to go for a weekend getaway to Port Dickson. Unfortunately, since the beaches of Port Dickson were in quite a sad state, we needed to find a place where Aiden could swim while we could relax (and Ian could sleep comfortably). And we found that perfect place at Grand Lexis. Each room comes with its own swimming pool, which meant that Aiden could swim to his heart's content with Hubby supervising, whilst Ian and I could still be close to them in the comfort of our own room.

Since PD was such a short drive away, I coaxed Hubby to make a short stop to get a monopod and a shutter for use during our trip. With all the selfies that we've been taking, it is simply natural for us to progress to investing in one! *grin* So bear with the number of selfies there are in this blog post okay! Don't say I didn't warn you!!

First selfie to officiate the monopod and shutter!
Not so pro yet - you can actually see me holding the shutter. Ian was in the car seat behind my seat.
Super pro selfie shot by Hubby. He actually wound down his window and extended the monopod (and MY phone!!!) outside the car to get this shot. Yes, I was smiling, but deep in my heart I was screaming in worry! *ggrrr*
Aiden's turn handling the shutter. Check out Ian's rock hard abs!
The view of the rooms from the parking lot. But these are the units in the tower block. 

Numerous selfies later, we finally arrived! Hubby booked us a villa by the sea so we had to take a shuttle (loaded with all our luggage) to get to our room. The shuttle was efficient and quick. Aiden enjoyed the breeze blowing into his hair immensely! We found out later that without the shuttle, we could just walk from our room to the hotel lobby via a boardwalk erected over the sea waters.

Balinese inspired villa. Two big beds, one for the kids, one for us!
Aiden was so excited with the glass floor! 
And there it was!
Steps leading down...
... to our own private swimming pool!
And yet another selfie!
I loved the seaview villa because our swimming pool overlooked the.... sea, of course! I didn't have to worry about curious guests from other rooms peering into our pool - which brought two words into mind. Skinny dipping! *yeah right*
Can you see the two huge Balinese windows in parallel to the swimming pool? The one on the left (where I was standing at) was the kitchen. The one on the right was where the shower, toilet and sink were. The shower and the toilet were in two separate areas, whilst the sink was outside in a common area.
The shower with a window to the sea.
The view from the shower window.
An island!
And, the family dives in!
Ian was simply not impressed with the temperature of the water. Aiden was obviously, beaming away.
Ian in a cute Lightning McQueen swimming suit and shorts. Still didn't make him happy.
Ian swimming. So proud of Aiden, all those swimming classes in school must have made him bolder. He could swim on his own with just floats on!
Okay, time to take Ian out of the pool.
The selfie king! Erm, Aiden - we can actually see the monopod and shutter, sayang!
100 kms away from Cahaya SPK, and you still meet neighbours during your holiday! *grin*
Bundled Ian up for dinner.

Since our neighbours were in the area, they decided to crash into our holiday and brought us out for dinner. Seriously, without them - we would have probably continued swimming until our fingers wrinkled and simply ordered room service.

We had dinner by the PD Waterfront at Kim's Seafood Palace. Loved the place, it was still open even though we arrived close to 9pm, no crowd and fast service. We chose to sit by the sea to enjoy the cool breeze under the stars. Food was good, price was not too bad considering the quality of the restaurant. Worth the money for the ambiance and cleanliness.

Hubby insisted on having oysters. Aphrodisiac anyone? 
Butter prawns! *drool*
We managed to persuade them to take selfies as well!
After dinner, we walked towards the PD waterfront. Again, loved the laid-back ambiance. 
Look at what the kids found?
Giant bubbles!
Check out Aiden's face - his jaw dropped in awe!
Last group selfie!

By the time we got back to our room, it was close to midnight. Ian had conked out much earlier, probably due to all the swimming excitement. Aiden on the other hand, wanted to jump back into the swimming pool! We had to force him to sleep, promising that he could still swim when he woke up in the morning. As soon as I got both kids to bed, it was then my turn to swim!

The first thing he asked for as soon as he opened his eyes.
Also the first thing he cried for as soon as he opened his eyes.
Last few poses before we checked out of the hotel room.
Goodbye Grand Lexis. Thank you for the wonderful short getaway!

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