Monday, April 27, 2015

Aiden's Big Hero 6th Birthday!

My boy is 6!

Cue wails, cries, tears… from the Mummy. My boy is 6? Really??? Oh my, the next time I blink my eyes, he’ll start ‘big boy school’, and the next time I blink my eyes he’ll move to university and date girls, and then the next time I dare to blink my eyes, he'll be married with kids!

*sigh* I'm such a drama queen. But seriously - time flies and suddenly the baby that I carried, the toddler that used to run up to me for a hug, and the boy that loved to cuddle up to me to sleep, is suddenly six years old. Who no longer needs frequent hugs, and sleeps on his own bed. *sigh*

Anyway..... this year Aiden the big boy was very adamant that he wanted Lego Star Wars as the theme for his birthday. However, since I decided that I was going to combine Aiden and Ian's birthday for later in the year, I was then left with the daunting task of convincing Aiden to settle for another theme. We went back and forth with so many ideas, but finally narrowed it down to Phineas and Ferbs or Big Hero 6. And since you only turn 6 once in your life, we decided that Big Hero 6 would be a very appropriate theme! (I guess the promise of a Baymax shaped cake clinched the deal too!)

You can read here about all the preparations for the party. 

We had to drive two cars to Aiden's kindergarten. One to cart the cake, cupcakes, goody bags, party packs and not to forget - Ian and the maid; while the other was filled with balloons. Since I was responsible for driving the first car, I drove really slowly, decelerating at every single road hump or pot hole, while the maid carefully protected the cake. Upon arrival at the school, I carefully carried the Baymax cake into the classroom. Aiden and the kids were ecstatic when they saw the cake! Cautiously navigating through the eager and excited kids, I finally reached the end of the classroom and carefully placed Baymax onto the teacher's desk. Well guess what - the minute I placed it down, Baymax decided that it wanted to lie flat on his back! *uurrrggghhh*

Thankfully Hubby was there to save the day. He managed to find a bowl to prop Baymax up, and taped it to the desk as a support. (This is why I don't bake cakes for a living - too much stress!)

Beaming excitedly with his cake!

Big Hero 6 pennant banner decorated the simple cake table. Again, kiasu me brought my own cake and cupcake stands!

We had Big Hero 6 cupcake toppers too!

The class birthday reminder.

Aiden and his class posing with the cake.

The teacher asked him to make a wish before blowing his candles. He hesitated (as if making a wish) then blew hard! 

I asked him much later, what he wished for. And he answered "I wished for a telescope - because I want to see the moon and the stars... they are so beautiful!"

Cutting Baymax's leg - because his Baymax's body was not stable! *grin* And Aiden didn't even need help to cut the cake! He's a big boy now... *sob sob*

My baby is 6!

Family photo.

Next - pizza for the kids.

Hours and hours of preparation... and in just minutes the cake was dissected to this.

Reading the doa before enjoying his pizza.

Ian posing with his favourite Kakak Danya. Well actually, I think he was more attracted to her water bottle!

The three boys in my life.

Next - distributing Baymax balloons to the kids.

Then Aiden personally handed out each personalized Baymax first aid kit pouch to his friends. Malu malu pulak dengan Danya!

Love these pictures of Aiden with his friends!

Not to forget, his class teacher!

Since Aiden missed Rizq and Amzar (his best friends from his 5 year old class) so much, I made one for each of them too!

Next up, his birthday present. Since he is such a pro at riding his bicycle, we decided to buy a new bicycle as his birthday present. So we brought him to our local bicycle shop (aptly called Kedai Basikal) in TTDI Jaya. Aiden was absolutely spoiled for choices - but in the end, he chose a lovely green bicycle (matches Mummy's foldable bike).

The excited birthday boy choosing his birthday present.

The little one wanted to join in the fun too!

Ian looks like he really knows what he's doing!

Posing with his chosen bike.

We brought the bicycle home, and as soon as we arrived, Aiden hopped on the bike and officiated his present by cycling from our porch to the end of our lane and back.

Back in the house, Aiden proudly exclaimed that because it is his birthday, he was the boss for the day. And everyone knows that the boss gets to make the decision, hence I asked him what he wanted to do next. First he asked for Kidzsport... then he changed his mind and asked for a movie. So after a shower, lunch and rest, we got dressed for the movies.

On the way to the movies, I asked whether he wanted to eat anything for his birthday, before we went into the cinema. Initially, he said "I don't want to eat, Mummy - I just want hotdog and popcorn at the movies". Then he overheard an advertisement over the radio for KFC, and immediately added that he wanted KFC too! So of to KFC we went!

Last pose with his birthday present before we headed to the movies.

Posing at the shopping mall car park with his other birthday present - Maxsteel sword which lights up and says 29 different phrases!

We watched Home (Rihanna)... it was a beautiful movie. I actually teared up when Rihanna finally found her mum. (Must be that time of the month!) Aiden enjoyed the movie too, but he refused to admit so. Ah, a boy's ego!

After the movie, we headed home for a birthday dinner with the in-laws. They came to the house with another birthday cake for their first cucu. Aiden was thrilled over all the attention he was getting, while Ian was simply delighted that there were so many people in the house - he readily laughed and smiled at everyone!

Happy Ian stealing Aiden's thunder by laughing gleefully right after the birthday song.

Ian looking excitedly at his brother blowing yet another birthday candle.

We also served what was left of Baymax. Look at how Ian handled poor Baymax's head. *chuckles*

My two boys!

Happy 6th birthday Aiden. May you grow up to be smart, strong and soleh. Thank you for all the joy and laughter that you have brought to our lives. We love you to itty-bitty pieces!

Much love, Mum, Dad and Ian.

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