Monday, April 20, 2015

Umar's Treasure Hunt

Handsome pirate Aiden.

Last weekend, we were invited to Umar's first birthday party. Held at the Bukit Kiara Equestrian Club, it was also intended to be a costume party hence both Aiden and Ian got to dress up in their best costumes. This time, they (Aiden, in fact) chose to dress up as pirates. Aiden became swashbuckling handsome Captain Jack Sparrow while Ian became a cute junior pirate!

I knew that Umar was going to dress up as Peter Pan, but what I didn't know was that the party was going to be decorated with a pirate theme. The party was aptly named "Umar's Treasure Hunt", so I guess Aiden and Ian dressed quite appropriately then!

Party planning, including dessert table and party entertainment were by Decor&Dreams. (Sekali sekala, jom layan party planning pictures by someone else other than myself!) The dessert table was super grand - check out the pictures below. They had a bouncing castle, a magician and sand art as entertainment for the kids. They even had a toddler corner - a special corner for kids like Ian with foam boards, baby toys and also a small cordoned off ball pit so that parents can plop their kids there without fear that they would run out and go missing.

Aiden and Ian in their respective pirate costumes. (Can you see Ian stuck in the ball pit in the background?)

Impressive decoration by the party planner. They had balloon sculptures on every single table!

Ian playing at the toddler corner while Aiden was busy doing sand art.

The dessert table. I loved the fact that they even served food from crates on the floor!

Aiden the drama king, was really getting into the "mood" of being a pirate that day. He refused to smile for pictures, and was giving me this really grim, sullen look that he presumed all pirates display. To further prove my point, when I asked him to sit back and put on his seat belt in the car, he retorted quite curtly, "But pirates don't wear seat belts!" Needless to say, that pirate was very well strapped in that afternoon. But I gave up on asking him to smile. Oh well, I can better handle a grouchy pirate than a rowdy one, any day! However, upon seeing his best friend Danya, he immediately broke into a wide smile. Aaahhh... so pirates do have a soft spot after all! *chuckles*

Treasure chest birthday cake.

Popcorn, cream puff and even honeydew decorated with paper sails. Super cute! Loved the marshmallow pops too - the tops were covered with red/green fondant and pirate faces were hand drawn on each piece.

Great idea to fill up long jars - fill them with cereal instead of marshmallow!

Pirate cookies.

Ice cream cone cupcakes and lollipops covered with Peter Pan shaped printables.

Best idea of the lot. Pirate motifs drawn on white macarons, then served in a crate filled with brown sugar "sand"!

A treasure crate!

Alphabet pretzels served in "sand" too.

While waiting for the rest of the gang to get in place for a mandatory picture.

The only picture which Ian looked at the camera.

The mandatory BBGS gang group photo.

Costumes for the party were sewn by Umar's Mummy. *salute* Heck, she even made her own costume! And I can barely loop a thread through a needle!

Aiden showing off his face painting, while in the background, Umar's dad is seen sporting a hand sewn matching Peter Pan outfit!

Cutie pie Umar.

Pirates and princesses!

There was also a personalized photo stand in cutout by the entrance. 

Ian joined in the fun, and interestingly, his outfit matched the photo stand in body perfectly!

Last picture for the day. Thanks for having us Umar and family. Happy birthday!!!

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