Thursday, April 23, 2015

Premiere of Avengers: Age of Ultron

I used to be a big fan of If I remember correctly, a popular song that was played over and over again back when Hitz FM was the radio station to listen to; was Zombie by The Cranberries... I was probably 13 years old back then! has grown up with me throughout the years. It was (and still is) the number one radio station on my radio preset memory. Back during the days when I was dating my boyfriend (now husband), I even managed to convince him to change his radio preset to as well! (It used to be - see how opposites attract??!!) Since I listened to all day and all night (studying), I used to win lots of competitions from - I won CDs, free tickets; I even won RM700 once when I played "Call off the Bomb" (or something like that). I even had a mix tape which I used to record all of my call-ins to the radio and my conversations/winnings with them.

However, slowly but surely I discovered that I couldn't relate to the music on anymore, and I found myself preferring to listen to and even *gasp* It must be the age! (The only announcer I know offhand now, is Ean... the rest are newbies to me!) But I guess it was just meant to be, because that fateful afternoon, I tuned it to, heard the cue to call, called in (hey, the radio station number was still in my favourites call list!) and actually won four tickets to watch the premiere of Avengers: Age of Ultron!

So yesterday, Aiden excitedly dressed up in his Iron Man costume and went walking around in One Utama. As usual, he got so much attention from fellow shoppers in the mall - which he enjoyed immensely. One person queuing to buy tickets at the cinema actually stopped him and asked him to pose for a photo!

Iron Man posing on the escalator, much to the onlookers amusement.

Queuing up to pick up our complimentary tickets.

Our premiere tickets.

While we were in queue for our tickets, the entire Avengers troop decided to stop by and mingle with the crowd. Tony Stark in a handsome suit, enthusiastically beckoned for Aiden to come forward to take a picture with him. Surprisingly, Aiden refused! *chuckles* He must have been quite overwhelmed seeing all his favourite superheroes standing right smack in front of him! Finally, he agreed for a photo with the condition that I joined too... so I became Black Widow (or issit Pink Widow?)

Captain America, Tony Stark in a suit, Iron Man Aiden, Black Widow *grin* War Machine, Hawkeye and Nick Fury!

While waiting for the movie to start, we headed to Chilli's for dinner. Iron Man apparently loves hot dogs and fries! To prep him for the movie, I asked Aiden to name all the Avengers that he knows. He answered, "Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, Thor... the one with the eye patch, then the girl... black something, and the one with the arrow." Wow, full marks Aiden!

Iron Man loves hot dogs.

Iron Man posing with his team mates in front of the promotional poster.

So how was the movie? Well - I don't want to spoil it for you or anything, so I won't give away too much. In my humble opinion, the movie was a tad too heavy for kids... I know because Aiden fell asleep mid way. But it was great for the adults - I loved the relaxed comedy, witty punch lines and the chemistry between the cast members. That sweet romance bit between Black Widow and Bruce Banner (is she becoming the Hulk whisperer?), plus Hawkeye being a family man, was a much welcomed relief from the hectic pace of the movie. Captain America and Iron Man are officially the leaders of the Avengers. Loved the bit where Thor showed a brief look of panic when Captain America managed to slightly move his hammer (hence he is worthy, after all?) And last but not least, I didn't really understand how Ultron went rogue??!! How can a peace-keeping artificial intelligence program decide so quickly that terminating the Avengers (and eradicating mankind) would be the best thing for the world i.e. "peace in our time"? Plus how did Jarvis/Vision remove him from the internet; why didn't Ultron just load himself back onto the internet? Hmm.. I wasn't entirely convinced there.

As an afterthought - what exactly did Thor see when he went (in crude terms...) swimming? So if it's another Infinity Stone, why not take it back and bring it home to Asgard instead of creating Vision and letting Vision keep the mind stone? Is this possibly a cross-over to another Thor movie after the last one featuring the Aether? Hmm... 

Oh, and I missed oh-so-handsome Loki and Miss Pepper Potts who were noticeably absent throughout the movie. 

Hubby in his 3D glasses, mimicking a sleeping Iron Man.

Iron Man - you slept through your own movie?

At the end of the show - announcers giving away Avengers merchandise.

Thank you for the tickets! If you haven't bought your tickets to the Avengers: Age of Ultron - do so now! Just don't be surprised if the younger kids fall asleep. *grin*


  1. Wow! Lucky you!! I think the movie was awesome! loved it

    1. Yeah! I thought the movie was awesome too, I actually watched it twice. (Actually Aiden insisted that we watch it again since he fell asleep the first time...) Hehe


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