Thursday, April 30, 2015

60th Birthday Tea Party

No, I'm not 60 thank you very much!

But my father-in-law turned 60 recently, and what better way to spend it than having an intimate tea party in style?

My father-in-law is someone I deeply respect and look up to. He is a true gentleman, wise and full of warmth and care. He is practical, patient and gives invaluable advise with an institution of experience. He is a man full of acceptance (well he accepted me despite my flaws!) and he's like a father figure that I never had. And last but not least - he gives out love and care in abundance to his grandchildren. And anyone who loves my kids that much, will always be in my good books and thoughts.

It was a charming teatime spread. I was going for simple elegance (and by simple I meant whatever I had in the house...) *chuckles* For this special occasion, I brought out my Noritake chinaware. I had also recently purchased a gold platter which matched nicely with the fancy gold etching on the Noritake plates. I kept the clutter on the table to a minimal too.

As for the spread, I served various pastries (Pain au Chocolat, Peach Danish and Apple Strudel), chocolate strawberry tarts, churros with dark chocolate dip, good ol' mee goreng and of course, the birthday cake - a Hummingbird cake (lovingly baked by my sister in laws).

(A Hummingbird cake is a cake that is primarily made with oil rather than butter. Contrary to the name, there are no birds in this cake. *grin* Instead, its key ingredients, such as pineapple, bananas and nuts are thought to attract birds - hence the name!)

Happy 60th birthday, dear father-in-law!

Aiden looking mighty proud with his chocolate strawberry tarts. I filled the tarts with chocolate sauce while he helped dunk the strawberry into the chocolate.

A tasteful affair, set for eight. (Churros were in the fryer, hence the empty plate beside the chocolate sauce.)

Next time, I'm going to try and serve dainty sandwiches, sweet macarons and scones with clotted cream, ala Carcosa! What say you?


  1. I say it looks gorjes darling!!! hahahaha....

  2. Thank you dear! You are always sooooo kind with the compliments hehehehe ;)


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