Sunday, April 12, 2015

Busy April

Oh wow... the past few weeks certainly flew by in a blink of an eye.

Apologies for the short hiatus. As usual, April is the month of Aiden's birthday, hence I am currently running around like a headless chicken trying to get everything organized for his birthday party at school. Thank goodness I have decided to postpone the actual birthday party to later in the year, so that I can combine Aiden and Ian's party into one. (What is the middle month between April and November... issit July or August?) It didn't help that Aiden couldn't decide on a theme for his birthday. We've now decided on Big Hero 6, so here's hoping that he doesn't change his mind again last minute.

Apart from that, we were in Legoland and Legoland Hotel end March, which meant very tanned kids and extremely broke parents (from all the shopping in JPO). Then the very day after, we had a wardrobe fitting session cum house recce survey for our latest advertorial. Shooting commenced last weekend - it was a 17 hour shoot (call time at 8am, and we were awake for 21 hours), but it was certainly an eye opener on the film making business for us. Great exposure and experience for the kids too!

Since I am still combing through the massive pile of pictures from Legoland, and Aiden's birthday is only next week, I'll end this short but sweet post (so you all know I'm alive and kicking!) with a few pictures from the wardrobe fitting cum recce session.

One of the outfits Aiden will wear during the video shoot.

Kabir Bhatia in my house!

"I'm spoiled for angles", is possibly one of the most flattering comments a renowned film director can say to you when filming at your home.

Showing off his new knight costume, shield and sword to the film crew.

Hope I find the time to blog in the remaining weeks of April.... till then, take care!

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