Friday, April 17, 2015

Big Hero 6 - Baymax First Aid Kit Pouch Goody Bag!

Fist bump! #balalala!

Why am I so happy, you ask? Well, for starters, Aiden's birthday party at his kindergarten was a resounding success. He was so happy, he kept saying "I love you, Mummy" at every opportunity he had. The look of excitement on his face when I came into the classroom, and the cheers of his friends when they saw the cake; made all the effort worthwhile.

You know how mothers nowadays are so conscious about what they give their kids? Aiden is constantly bringing home goody bags filled with healthy food such as apples and raisins, or even stationary, puzzles and balloons. I looked online and some mummies suggested very interesting ideas for goody bags such as toothbrush and toothpaste combo, water bottles, food container, coin box, handkerchief, socks, story/sticker/colouring books, sand art, seedlings with a small pot and spade set, or even a pen drive for the more technologically savvy! (A quick shout out to the awesome mummies in the Facebook DIY Parties & Fun group for all these ideas - you guys rock!)

Hence for today's post, I would like to share an idea for a Big Hero 6 Baymax goody bag that is erm *angkat bakul naik lift* very much out of the box. Instead of giving Aiden and his classmates a goody bag filled with chocolates and candies, I opted to give them something that they could use instead. Fitting with the Baymax theme, I decided to give each of them a first aid kit pouch!

Personalized Baymax First Aid Kit!

First thing - find a pouch! I went pouch hunting at GM Klang but found none suitable. As you know, I am quite particular with the details, hence I wanted pouches in single and plain colours. Next, I went to Mr DIY. Here I was greeted with rows and rows of pouches! However, since I wanted the pouches to be personalized by heat press printing, the pouch needs to be made from fabric. Plastic pouches would just melt from the heat. 

Pouches of various sizes and colours at Mr DIY.

I chose 5 different pouches to try with heat press. 

Out of the 5 pouches I chose, only two made the cut (some melted, others were not suitable). In the end, I picked the felt pouch (orange in the above picture). The pouch was RM 2.90 each. The only downside to it was that it had a bulgy curved end on either sides, so I couldn't heat press the complete pouch. (Told you I'm fussy like that! *sigh*)

Every pouch was then heat pressed according to design - personalized name and a picture of Baymax. I love that Baymax is such a forgiving character - it is a cute hug worthy healthcare companion that both boys and girls can relate to!

Aiden's personalized pouch.

Good quality zippers too!

Next, the contents of the bag. I decided to put in each pouch, a pack of tissue and wet tissue, cotton buds, plasters and a bottle of hand sanitizer. Everything except the hand sanitizer was purchased from Tesco Online. The hand sanitizer was the most expensive item in the pouch at RM3 per piece (from Guardian pharmacy). Clear packets for the cotton buds and plasters were from GM Klang - Block A, 2nd Floor, Shop #158 to be exact.

I then designed the printables for each product and printed them into stickers. Super love the personalized end result!

Essential items for a DIY mum: sturdy cutting board, sharp blade and metal ruler!

Packed cotton buds and plasters into individual packets with personalized labels. 

Personalized labels for the hand sanitizer bottles too.

Next, packed them all into their pouches... and wallah! The goody bag is ready!

Stuffed everything into the pouch.

Personalized first aid kit pouch for every child in Aiden's class!

I have a confession to make. I went to 9 Mr DIY outlets (cos I'm crazy like that) so that I could get colour coordinated pouches to fit the theme i.e. pink for the girls and red for the boys. (Each outlet carried probably two or three pieces in multiple colours, some didn't even carry any!) In the end I only found 3 red pouches hence I then resorted to blue. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to complete my hunt, which was why there was a grey, orange and green pouch in the mix. Such an eyesore for an OCD like me! (Hubby kept comforting me by saying, "They're kids! They don't care what colour pouch they get - as long as they get one!") *smile*

My attempt at colour coordinating the pouches.

Last but not least, we embellished each pouch with a favour tag. I found a great free Baymax printable here. Printed them out on art card and asked Aiden to write his friend's name on each tag.

Excitedly writing his friends' names.

Moving on from the pouches, how can one have a birthday party without a Baymax cake, cupcakes and decorations? The night before Aiden's birthday, I burned the midnight oil baking and decorating. And the morning before his party, I was wide awake too, blowing balloons, threading pennant banners and cutting cupcake toppers. Here are the end results:

I based the cake on this picture. Shown on the right is the cake halfway done - Baymax without arms!

It was my first attempt at a figurine cake... I actually regretted the decision midway but I am so glad I persevered. Here's the complete birthday cake!

Baymax looks so tough here - bulky body, shoulders and all!

There's even an indent on his suit for the chip slot.

Baymax's side profile!

Pheww... The crazy things we do for our kids! I slept at 3am completing the cake. And thankfully, Aiden was so happy when he saw the cake the next morning! But of course, the birthday boy aka my biggest critic had something additional to say too: "Mummy, why isn't Hiro on the cake?" *slaps own forehead* Aaahhh Aiden, you say the darndest things, son! Next up, the cupcakes!

Baymax cupcakes in his white suit and robot suit.

Carved each robot suit delicately on fondant using my fondant tool set.

We had Baymax balloons too! Printed Baymax eyes on sticker paper and simply pasted them on plain red balloons.

White balloons too! I printed Baymax's eyes from here.

So there you go! That was what I have been busy with for the past few weeks. I'll save the pictures from his actual birthday party for another post. Time for me to stress out for his actual birthday party next - this time Aiden has requested for Lego Star Wars! *pulls own hair out*

Wish me luck!!!

Note to self: Next time, please get Aiden to decide on a theme early and make sure he doesn't keep changing his mind. Also, please please please don't wait until the eleventh hour to get everything ready. Remember those panic-hyperventilate-nervous-breakdown sessions you had when 1) you couldn't find a suitable pouch 2) you suddenly realised that you hadn't decided on a cake shape to bake 3) the pouch you chose melted from the heat press 4) you ran out of time to find colour coordinated pouches 5) the printers ran out of heat press paper and then forgot to print one pouch? Let's not do that again okay??? *pats self on the back*


  1. Well done Liz! I'm so impressed! :)

    May I know where can I do the heat press on the pouch? And where can I get the balloons?

    Please share with me :)

    1. Hi Mavis! You can do heat press at most t-shirt printing shops. I did mine in Ipoh, so not really helpful if you're from KL. Do scout around for the best price!

      As for the balloons, they are just plain balloons, then I printed the eyes on sticker paper and stuck them to the balloons. I have updated the blogpost to include the link to the Baymax eyes. Hope this helps! Good luck ;)

  2. OH.MY.GOD this was awesome!! always love your parties post and this is no exception. gigih nya you pergi so many different outlets!! ps: what is a heat press?? hehe

    1. Hehehehe thanks for the compliment dear. Itu lah, bila pikir balik, gigih nya I pegi banyak banyak outlet. I hope it was worth it!! :P

      Heat press is a method of printing, usually done for t-shirt printing. The texture macam erm plastic-ky sikit. Hehehe

  3. This is an amazing post!!! I love the first aid bags. I'm going to have to include them in my post :)

    1. Hi Kathy! Thanks for dropping by. Your website is awesome - great printables! Aiden had so much fun using them to decorate the first aid goody/favour bags. I'll be very honoured if you include my idea in your post ;) Thank you very much!

  4. This is very Impressive. You are so talented :)

    1. Awww thank you for the compliment dear... you're too nice! ;)


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