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Aiden's Real Kids Sports Day 2015

Real Kids Sports Day 2015

Last last weekend was Aiden's kindergarten sports day! He has been babbling stories about marching, sports practice, putting on floats, carrying sponges, even lifting weights for the past month or so, and none of them made sense to us. (How does putting on floats and carrying sponges correlate to lifting weights??!!)

As usual, the event was held at the Panasonic Sports Complex. Four centers were involved in the event - Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam, Cahaya and Denai Alam. Bukit Jelutong conquered the stadium, of course! We had the most students, most (supportive) parents and even the longest march line! 

Since this is Aiden's last year in kindergarten, it was also his last sports day with Real Kids. *sob sob* We were deliberating whether we wanted to bring Ian along, but since he was sound asleep that morning, we left him at home!

Getting a tag upon arrival. Mata sepet, muka baru bangun tidur.

We had breakfast while waiting for the event to start.

The Real Kids Bukit Jelutong side of the stadium was packed full to the brim!

Aiden's class leading the march. Aiden is in the second last line, furthest to the left. Kiasu me ran to the Shah Alam side of the stadium to get this shot. Aiden didn't even notice! Danya saw me though... which was why she turned to pose for this shot.

Getting ready to sing the national anthem, school song and perform a dance. They even did a robot dance to the song "Everything is Awesome"... which was really awesome!

After a lot of shrieking and shouting (while ignoring amused looks from fellow mums), Aiden finally heard us and looked our way.

The theme was Olympics, so we even had our own Olympic torch!

PSG: Parent Support Group!

Bored mummies.

Plus one bored Daddy.

Finally, it was Aiden's turn! Hubby giving Aiden a good luck wave and thumbs up.

The weightlifting obstacle!

Candid picture of kiasu mummies getting ready to take pictures of our little ones in action.

As usual, since Aiden is the tallest in class, he had to go last. His teacher also gave him a pep talk before the race. Danya and Aiden were in the same team.

Aiden waiting for his turn. Funny enough, another teacher also gave him a pep talk before his turn.

After watching Aiden receive two pep talks from two different teachers, I got quite worried. Didn't Aiden know what he needed to do? Did he understand what he had to do at each obstacle? From the sound of all his previous stories, he was able to describe exactly what needed to be done. He even confidently proclaimed that the other boy (the last boy in the other team) usually has trouble putting on his floats, hence he was confident that he would be able to use it to his advantage and win the race. Heh *wipes sweat off forehead* Okay Aiden, I hope you are right!!!

Come his turn, the next team was leading. The last boy in the other team was already skipping towards the floats. Aiden momentarily faltered with his skipping ropes, but managed to get his momentum back in time. True to his word, the other boy did have trouble putting on his floats. Amazingly, Aiden pulled on his floats pretty quickly, and even before he managed to get the left float all the way up his arm, he was already sprinting towards the next obstacle. *smart boy!* He swiftly zig zagged through the cones and ran to the barbell. Threaded the "sponge" through the barbell. Last but certainly not least, he proudly picked up the barbell and ran to the finish line, clinching first place for his team! So proud of my boy!!!! (Sia sia jer Mummy risau!)

Check out that proud smile. First place, baby!

First one at the finish line... which also meant he had to lift the barbell up for the longest duration, waiting for the rest of the teams to arrive.

Three teams at the finish line.. waiting for the last team.

Receiving his gold medal.

Of course, everyone got a gold medal lah... This is kindy sports!

Group photo.

Aiden proudly showing off his medal.

The two best friends!

Two cute girls with their various poses. Bodyguard by the side.

As usual, Mummy and Daddy kena pau bubble gun before we could head home.

Congratulations Aiden! Next year... primary one sports! (Please don't grow up so fast, boy!) *cries*

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