Monday, June 15, 2015

The Four C's

I am currently obsessed over the four C's. Nope, I'm not talking about the classic four C's that people want in life - Cash, Car, Condo and Career (I remember telling my mum once that that was the basic criteria that I wanted in a man); nor issit the four C's of a diamond - carat, clarity, cut and colour. Rather, these are my definition of the four C's!

1. Clarisonic

Ever since the Clarisonic I purchased from Ensogo arrived, I have been using it diligently daily! Granted, I initially had doubts about the authenticity of the item. I mean, how can something that retails for over RM700 in Malaysia, be sold for just over RM150 online?? But when it arrived, I compared the packaging, quality of the product, vibration of the brush (I compared with the tester unit in Bangsar Village)... And I was sold! Probably best to mention that there was one slight typo in the instruction manual, which probably gave some weight to my initial sentiments. But imitation unit or not, the sonic vibrations do work and I have noticed that the oil spots on my forehead are gradually decreasing. Worth to note that since the Clarisonic work better than just cleaning with hands, try using a cream cleanser (instead of a foam or gel, or anything that produces lots of bubbles) because it has a less drying effect. If you notice tightness in your face after use, change your cleanser or reduce your Clarisonic usage.

Clarisonic Aria from Ensogo. Notice the US electrical head? I have to use an adapter to charge the unit, but the Clarisonic only has to be charged every 30 days or so, hence not a big issue.  

The blue brush is for deep cleansing while the black is for everyday use.

*Someone actually asked on the official Clarisonic FB page, whether the Ensogo deal was authentic or not. Unfortunately, instead of giving a straight answer, they recommended purchasing from authorized dealers only and reminded that purchasing from an unauthorized dealers voids the warranty of the product. Uhuh, definitely not a firm yes/no,

2. Collagen

Why is Liz obsessed over beauty all of a sudden, you ask? Trust me, it's not the beauty that I am after. But I have come to realize that  age will catch up with me sooner or later. Collagen is best consumed as soon as you turn late twenties and I am already 5 years too late anyway! I started with a trial pack of Ephyra but I didn't really like the metallic taste of the orange concoction. A friend recommended the Kinohimitsu diamond collagen. It is simple to consume, just unscrew the bottle and you're good to go. Love the taste too. I am now on my second week in, and I have noticed some improvement with my hair texture. Less frizzy and more shiny! But this may have been due to my consumption of Evening Primrose Oil (EPO) too. Regardless, you will need supplements as you get older.

Rows and rows of collagen.

The pack I bought came with 6 free bottles of Collagen Night.

3. Chocolates

So let's move on from the depressing subject of beauty, and talk about food. My favourite... chocolates! I'm a true chocoholic... I usually skip past everything on a dessert menu that doesn't have the word chocolate in it. I have a secret stash of chocolates at home that I run to whenever I need a quick pick me up. So one fine day, Hubby brought home this big bar of chocolate, and I was hooked at my first bite. I loved the taste of the nuts, crunch of the biscuit and the creaminess of the chocolate. Unfortunately, this chocolate is only available at the airport. So every time I go through immigration at the arrival hall, I would definitely stock up on my stash of Nestle chocolates.

 4. Cookies

Last but certainly not least... You simply have to try these cookies. Best chocolate chip cookies, hands down! It is not too sweet, sometimes you get a taste of saltiness and the chocolate chips are soft and chewy. I usually ration my intake to one cookie per day (to control the calories!) but sometimes during my cheat days, even three of four cookies would not be enough to satisfy my craving. If you see this in Jaya Grocer, please do not hesitate.... just get it!!!

The combo that has been ruining my diet....

There you go! Certainly better than the classic four C's... no??? *grin*

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