Friday, June 5, 2015


Aiden came home one afternoon and proclaimed that he learnt how to make toast at school!

He was so excited to show off his new found skill... so we got our toaster out, I gave him a plate and a plastic knife... and left him to it. Like literally... I left him in the kitchen and waited patiently for the end result. I sniffed cautiously just in case he burnt the toast (or the kitchen!) but he proved me wrong. My son is such a big boy now! *sniff sniff*

Smiling widely, waiting for the toast to pop out.

He carefully used the plastic knife to cut the toast diagonally to make two triangles. Lathered the toast with his favourite "jam"... which is actually kaya

Tadaaa.... my yummy jagged (haha!) kaya toast, lovingly made by my first born. 

By the way... Aiden and Hubby have cultivated a new funny activity; they would both stare at the toaster, waiting for the toast to jump out. Whoever blinks their eyes or jolts in surprise... loses. *smacks forehead*


  1. jenuh la mata berair xleh blink smpi roti kuar...hihihih...comel je.

    1. Hehehe tuh la game anak beranak yang Mummy sungguh la tak paham. Brape buku roti lah kena habis sebelum diaorg boring dgn game nie... Hehehe

  2. Bravo, Aiden! Way to go!!

    I love the new anti-reflex game, going to try it my little girl *hehehe*

    1. Awww Aiden sends his thanks and wishes you luck with the new toaster game. Hehe


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