Monday, June 8, 2015

Weekend Getaways in KL

With the end of the school holidays looming, Aiden has constantly been pestering for a holiday. In his own words... "I'm boring, Mummy!" (Hahaha excuse his grammar... he actually wanted to express how terribly bored he was at home.)

With the oil price barely recovering, Hubby and I didn't have the luxury of taking time off for a long holiday. So I started hunting for short weekend getaways in KL. Seriously, a getaway in Klang Valley yea... no driving more than an hour outside the city. Nothing close to jungles (at least until Ian is older), no mainstream hotels (trying to be adventurous here!) and it needs to have clean toilets. Heh, easier said than done. Let me tell you why!

1. Villa Samadhi

Source: Villa Samadhi

Ohhhh I fell in love with this picture. I wanted... no I needed... a holiday in Villa Samadhi. Located just 10 minutes away from KLCC, it seemed like the perfect private villa in the city. I was actually prepared to splurge on a room (prices start at RM600), just to be able to relax on the pretty pangkin and dip my toes in the clear blue lagoon. But alas... from the website: "Villa Samadhi is not the ideal place for children below the age of 12 years. The Villa was designed and built for couples seeking a respite for daily life as such some of the design features may be a safety hazard for young children."

*wails out loud* Hey!!! Mummies and family need to seek respite from our daily life too!!! *sigh*  Hubby, if you're reading this, here's a hugeeeeee hint for our 10 years anniversary! *grin*

Fancy spending our anniversary night in this plush bed, Hubby? *ehem ehem*

2. Sekeping Tenggiri

Sekeping Tenggiri is part of the Sekeping family of retreats. Located in Bangsar Baru, this two level renovated bungalow has seven rooms, featuring exposed brick walls, vertical gardens and a small swimming pool! I had no problems with the fact that guests share the kitchen, indoor/outdoor lounge and lounge areas. I even had no problems with their two resident dogs, which they apparently rescued. Prices start at RM220. I also loved the fact that it was located so close to downtown KL.

Since the kids would naturally gravitate towards water, I checked out their pool view room. Unfortunately, I saw this picture... dogs on loose! Aaaccckkk... I have a huge fear of dogs. Don't think it will be much of a holiday for me if I have to constantly fear dogs sniffing up my rear! *grins*

Cute dogs (says the person who is scared of dogs...!) Cynophobia.. go google it! Source: Sekeping Tenggiri

The beautiful Poolview Room.

Beautiful swimming pool!

3. Sekeping Serendah

Similar to Sekeping Tenggiri, Sekeping Serendah is part of the Sekeping family of retreats too. (Sekeping Seapark and Sekeping Terasek were not considered in my hunt as they had no swimming pool for the kids.) Sekeping Serendah is about 10 km away from Rawang town, and a 10 minute drive to Serendah Falls. It is a collection of seven sheds of various designs after mud, timber, glass and steel. Prices start at RM280 to RM1850 per night. It even has a swimming pool *yeay* No TV, wifi nor internet connection available out here, so definitely no prospect of the Elmo Song for Ian on YouTube!

I super love the glass sheds. Unfortunately... the toilet is open air. Aaaaccckkk... with kids? Definitely a no-no. I need toilets which are easily accessible and comfortable. Plus, they have guard dogs too. *sigh* Which is of course, perfectly reasonable to have in a secluded place like this. Even I would have one too.

The Glass Shed. Source: Sekeping Serendah.

The outdoor toilet.

The lovely swimming pool.

4. Bamboo Village

This is slightly out of the city, about a 45 minutes drive to Hulu Langat. According to the website, you will need to drive about 1km on a road without tar. (Hubby's not going to be too pleased!) This eco-friendly resort is made entirely from bamboo. It has a selection of bungalow, cottage, dorms and even tents - the perfect quiet retreat to getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. No swimming pool available. Nearby attractions include hot springs and waterfalls. 

Unfortunately, unless you take the bungalow house (which houses 12pax for RM390/day), all the smaller cottages (better suited for our small family of 4) do not have beds! I don't mind roughing it out with the kids... but I think I need to wait for Ian to be slightly older before I start making him sleep on a mattress on the floor. 

The Frog House. Source: The Bamboo Village.

Interior of the Frog House.

5. Taman Sari

Taman Sari is also about 45 minutes away from KL, also in Hulu Langat. It promises a unique retreat experience with bed and breakfast for those who love open air, gardens, and a natural environment with a breathtaking view. It is close to a village where you can sample local cuisine in the village or go exploring the rivers and waterfalls closeby. You can choose either The Bothy (RM350 per night) or The Cottage (RM500 per night). Between the two, I prefer The Bothy, as the bedroom only has three walls; the fourth side is open to take in the view of the sunrise. Imagine waking up to the sunrise from your own bed! *drool* Unfortunately, reading on Tripadvisor, as the website photos show, the lookout side of the cottage does not have railing or barriers. Also, the stairs down to the bathroom were reported to be quite steep. Not child friendly, hence I do not dare take the risk with adventurous Ian in tow.

The Bothy Cottage. Source: Taman Sari.

The Bothy Cottage kitchen.

So there you go! Five perfectly nice places for a quick weekend getaway, but unfortunately not suitable for our family just yet. I guess we do have to stick to mainstream KL hotels. Do you have any other suggestions? Do share. Would love to hear from you!

By the way, this is not a sponsored post and all information reflected in this review is available off the internet. 


  1. Try Danau Daun Chalet in Janda baik. You can check it out in FB or website

    1. Hey, that's actually a good tip! Love the chalet with the private swimming pool. Will go check them out. Thanks again ;)


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