Sunday, October 25, 2015

A Hazy Bake Sale

A group of mummies (moi included) recently organized a bake sale at the kindergarten, to raise funds for the 2015 Pre-Junior Graduation Dinner. Together, we approached and appealed for fellow mummies and community establishments to sponsor baked goods to us, so that we could sell it at the school. The target was to sell them to parents when they drop off their kids in the morning. All proceeds from the bake sale will be used to fund the graduating year book and goody bags for the children.

We were off to quite a good start, as we managed to get three mummies and two cafes to support our bake sale. They were sponsoring really yummy-licious treats too. Take a look at our bake sale poster and what we were going to sell:

Our bestseller Nutella Cheese Tart courtesy of Tryst Cafe, Seksyen 13 Shah Alam. We sold out even before the bake sale due to the sheer magnitude of pre-orders!

Red Velvet cupcakes courtesy of Sugarifix and One Serambi Cafe, Bukit Jelutong. The cupcakes were super moist too! One Serambi Cafe also sponsored their signature Salted Caramel Cupcakes - which also sold out just from pre-orders.

Marshmallow Brownie Cookies courtesy of a fellow Real Kids mummy. If you're a fan of soft cookies, this will make you running back for more.

And then.... the haze arrived. When the Ministry of Education announced the school closure on Monday, I was already worried. Our three day bake sale was scheduled to start on Wednesday. And then on Monday night they announced that school was off again on Tuesday. I was really really worried by then. If school is closed, siapa nak beli all those fabulous cupcakes, cookies and tarts?

Tuesday afternoon as I was busy packing the cupcakes into individual packing and all, the principal announced that school will be open on Wednesday. Despite the MOE instruction to close, since the kindergarten is a private school, they were allowed to check the area IPU and decide for themselves whether the school will open or remain closed. Phewwww big relief. Or so I thought.

Wednesday morning arrived and the haze was soooooo bad. But I persevered. I was already driving to school raring to set up the bake sale, when I got the message that they were closing the school *cries* But since all the cupcakes were already at the school we decided to still 'buka kedai'. Alhamdulillah, business was still brisk as we managed to sell to the parents who dropped their kids at daycare and parents who came to school as they had matters with the school office.

We opened shop at the school assembly hall. 

The mummies who made it happen! Love you girls!!!

Our first customer for the day. I was soooo busy I had to pose with cupcake box in hand!

This daddy actually made the trip to the bake sale just for the Salted Caramel cupcakes. Felt so sorry to tell him that it was sold out.

So after quite a successful first day, we had such high hopes for the second day. Unfortunately for the second day, the school announced that the haze was still bad and even daycare was cancelled! Oh my, that was the saddest day of the bake sale. Business was so slow and poor. We even resorted to putting our bake sale signage outside the school - but unfortunately we had no takers.

Desperate measures!

Aiden accompanied me that day. 

A fellow mummy came to give monetary contribution so we countered her generous gesture by giving her cupcakes and extra Jumpstreet vouchers. (Yes, Jumpstreet is one the sponsors for our graduation dinner.)

Cookies and Cream cupcakes, Butterscotch Mascarpone cupcakes and Coconut Cream Cheese cupcakes.

And then finally, MOE lifted the school closure on Friday. Unfortunately, I had a US visa interview that morning so I wasn't able to help out. That morning, I gave the committee a quick good luck wish, turned off my phone and turned it over to the embassy security. (You know how US is such a stickler over safety.) Two hours later I walked out, turned on my phone, only to be greeted by so many missed calls! Quickly called back and found out that we sold out by 9am that morning - just one hour after they buka kedai! The committee even had to stop some parents from buying in bulk because many of them wanted to buy for their office staff, child classmates and such. Bless those parents!

So after much deliberation and last-minute planning, we will be doing one last round of bake sale this Monday from 8-10am. The best sellers i.e. Salted Caramel Cupcakes and Nutella Cheese Tart will be making their second debut, plus Chocolate Chip cupcakes and Cinnamon Roll. If you are in the Bukit Jelutong area, do drop by and support us. As mentioned, all proceeds from the bake sale will be used to fund the graduating year book and goody bags for the children. Thank you in advance!

Last year's graduation year book.

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