Tuesday, October 6, 2015

She's Back!

After a three week agonizing waiting game, numerous text messages filled with subtle guilt trips ("Budak budak rinduuuu sangat sama kakak!") and lots of sincere doas - my maid finally texted to say that she was at the Surabaya airport waiting to board her flight. *pheww*

Unfortunately, the drama didn't end there. Air Asia sent me a text message to inform that her flight was going to be late. Then later when we were already on the way to KLIA2, my maid texted saying that her plane still hasn't left! As much as I really wanted to believe her, of course there was this tiny suspicion that she was making it all up. Thankfully, half hour later, she texted again saying that they were boarding. *double phewww - sorry I didn't trust you Bibik!*

Given the circumstances, we estimated that she was going to arrive at midnight. We arrived at KLIA2 only to be greeted by a TBA note under the ETA time for her flight. The information counter at the front didn't have an answer and directed me to another counter at arrival hall. That counter then directed me to another counter at departure hall which then directed me to another counter at the Air Asia check-in. I guess persistence paid off because they actually called the flight controller who gave the good news that the flight had just landed. But in the spirit of Malaysia Boleh, when I walked down to the arrival hall; that TBA sign was still there, up until my maid walked out, tau!

(The minute I saw her walk out the arrival hall... rasa macam nak sujud syukur! Then later Ian saw my maid for the first time, he was like malu malu kucing, tak nak Kakak hold him; but whenever we ask - "Ian, where's Kakak?", he would point to her without looking at her, tapi senyum senyum simpul! Shooo cute!)

Arrived home close to 2am. I don't know whether it was the haze or just the excitement that my maid was home; but I started getting the cold shivers. The next day (yesterday) I had an early morning meeting and by the time the day was over, I had a full blown low grade fever. Ian was also nursing the leftovers of a high fever, and yesterday he celebrated my maid by bestowing upon her some projectile vomit plus a wet mattress. Oh my poor maid - I was so hoping to bring her out for some good food to celebrate her coming home, but it looks like all of us are landing with something!

Hope you guys are taking good care of yourselves and staying indoors to avoid the haze. Nursing a fever and a scratchy throat is no fun! Take care!

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