Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Itching for a Home Makeover

Home decorating is such a therapeutic experience!

As you know, Hubby and I love to do small mini home decorating projects. Not only does it stop us from splurging too much at one go, but it keeps us on our toes for the latest ideas, tips and tricks to decorate our home.

Our last mini project was revamping our living hall. That was over a year ago and now my hands are simply itching for our next makeover.... Our bedroom! (I just need to figure out how to kick the kids out!) *giggles*

Recently I came across some ideas on Facebook for sprucing the bedroom. Here are my favourites:

Did you notice that most of my favorites include the use of long dramatic bedroom drapes? Well that's because with my current bedroom configuration, my bed is flanked by two L- shaped windows. Not only that, I also have another window at the other end of the room which will obviously need coordinating curtains too. Hence curtains will definitely play a major role in revamping my bedroom.

When it comes to shopping, I am always a sucker for good deals. So for purchasing curtains, I would religiously wait for Moonpunyerblog's sale at Sarah Hughes Globe. Not only does she offer dirt cheap prices, but the choices are abundant too! Take my word for it, especially since my beautiful living room curtains came from a similar sale from Sarah Hughes Globe. Back then, I remember marveling at how cheap it was and admiring the quality of the stitch when it was ready. And when I hung it up, it was simply stunning. You know how you can tell the quality of curtains just from the sheer weight of it? Well mine was certainly top notch as the curtains draped beautifully downwards; its hem gracefully brushing the floor. Beautiful good quality fabric with great workmanship!

And since sharing is caring, do take note that Moonpunyerblog is having a clearance sale from 23rd till 25th October 2015. All you need to do is head to Level 7 (the textiles department), meet her to get a VIP badge, and shop to your heart's content. Don't forget to bring your measurements, so you can send your fabric directly for custom tailoring too.

With textiles, you're not only limited to just curtains. Sarah Hughes Globe also accepts custom tailoring for sofa upholstery, bedding, pillows and cushions. Imagine having matching curtains, duvets and pillows! *drool*

Here are my own pictures from the last sale. (Told you they have lots of choices!)

All these, for only RM15 - RM20 per meter.

Can you spot the rail, going at only RM12 per meter? That is certainly dirt cheap!

Honestly, I fell in love with the metallic shades and the understated motives - at RM15 per meter too! What is not to love?

The flashy one on the left was my first choice. Tapi sebab pusing pusing dulu to check out other fabrics, when I came back dah tinggal sikit. Wasn't sufficient to cover my living hall width. *sigh* In the end I settled with the less muted grey on the right.

So lesson learnt. Measure your windows ahead, and upon arrival, as soon as you see what you like, tak payah pikir panjang, just cut and pay. If not nanti melepas like me!

For more information on the sale, head to Moonpunyerblog via this link. Happy shopping! And good luck with the spending. *chuckles*


  1. Ive been itching to to redecorate too but which is rather unnecessary coz we are stating at a fully furnished service apartment (read: no space to put our own things) haha. So for now i just keep ok browsing the mags and daydream when we'll settle down for good. :p p/s did u get my email?

    1. Well if it's fully furnished, there is not much else to do, is there? Takpe, can concentrate that energy (and money!) on new handbags instead hehehe


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