Thursday, October 1, 2015

Random Thoughts From Being Maid-less

It was a longgggg day yet again, and as I laid in bed dead tired as usual, suddenly all these random thoughts came into my head. I quickly took my phone and started typing furiously. So here they are:

  • All day long, I wash cups, glasses and more cups. Why can't Aiden drink for instance, milk and then plain water from the same cup? Why two cups for two different liquid textures and colours?
  • High speed direct nozzles are not good for washing dishes. They make the water splatter everywhere, giving you a free shower too - from your midriff below! Rainwater nozzles that spread out are sooo much better. 
  • Why does rice take ages to cook? Especially when you have a six year old who's hungry for after school lunch and you forgot to press the 'ON' button on the rice cooker? Also what's the point of a 'quick cook' button on the high-tech rice cooker if it cannot make rice in under 15 mins? 
  • A good mop squeezer (whatever they call that thing to squeeze water from the mop) is a must have. Didn't realize mine was broken. Squishing excess water from your mop using your hand is yucky simple unacceptable. 
  • Obviously, plants need to be watered daily. But why can't it just rain on the days that I am too busy to water the plants and save me the hassle? (By the way, farewell pokok bendi. I'm sorry you were too dehydrated to survive. *cries*)
  • Similarly, why does it have to rain when it's laundry day?
  • This mountain you call laundry - does it every shrink? *sarcasm*
  • Apparently my super efficient maid irons our home t-shirts too (alah, those baggy oh-so-comfy t-shirts good for lazing around). Which is why they are always nicely folded flat and take minimal space in the closet (and why our electricity bill has gone through the roof). Hence.... that's why I can't seem to be able to fit my laundry in my bulging closet!
  • Let's talk about missing socks in the washing machine. You know what, maybe not. Let's not jinx it cos I haven't lost any. Hurray!
  • I hate washing take away boxes, especially the oily ones. You know the clear microwaveable type? I wish I can just throw them out but I am too kiasu to do that sometimes. *sigh
  • I just went through a whole roll of disposable kitchen towels in under one week. Perhaps a cloth is more economical?
  • Last but not least, I had a whole target of losing weight during this 3-week maid-less period. I even bought apples, kononnya to eat for dinner. In the end, the apples were left untouched, and worse - I started snacking between house chores! Wash dishes... (oh, let's have an Oreo)... lipat kain... (ooohhh, a bite of chocolate wouldn't hurt)... water the plants... (hmmm, after that 'workout' I think I deserve a cheese toast)... you get the gist! *chuckles*

My new so called hi-tech rice cooker!

Three more days till my maid returns (hopefully?) ....


  1. you should have noxxa pressure cooker for case like this. only masak nasik for 7 mins!
    banyak lagi features dia. boleh try google :)

    1. Oh yeahhhh! I dah dengar macam macam pasal periuk Noxxa nie, tapi selalu orang kata takde stock lah ape lah. Apparently it is a truly magical periuk! Hehehe thanks for the tip!

  2. 3, 2, 1 bibik welcome home party!

    Hugs, Liz. I bet you will give bibik a pay rise after going through what she goes through 24/7 :)

    1. Yeayyyy party!!!

      Yes I have promised her a pay raise if she comes back. But after going through what she goes through 24/7, my husband and I are truly convinced that she deserves the raise!

  3. Hahaha good for you for just another 3 days. I am on my 2nd week now and another 3 WEEKS TO GO!! I hate throwing garbage bags and clean up all the oily periuk kuali and what not. And I'm constantly washing my girls milk bottles!!! They too have different cups - can't use lunch for dinner and vice versa! Geram betul!!!! Another thing I hate when you just folded that t-shirt and place it on top of the pile in the cupboard and the husband just take that and wears it and back again in the laundry basket.............

    1. Oh boy, hang in there dear. Trust me, it gets better by the day! At least you have time to read my blog, so I hope that is a good sign? ;)

      Nasib lah my Hubby is responsible for throwing garbage out at the end of the day. Tapi sometimes dia lupa, and oh my, the stench the next morning. I yang naik pening. I feel you about the cups... and understand the milk bottles too! One tip, buy more bottles. I bought a couple of new ones before my maid went on leave so I have plenty of bottles to go through before I have to wash allllll of them in one go. And that laundry mountain doesn't seem to shrink kan kan kan???

      Okay, I guess I vented enough. Hahahaha.. good luck!


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