Monday, October 26, 2015

Garden Teatime with my Corelle

Yesterday, we celebrated the absence of haze by having teatime in the garden. It was a simple spread, but I think the kids enjoyed being outdoors more than ever. I fried some keropok lekor Terengganu for the kids while hubby and I had kuih koci.

Since the kids were having the meal outdoors, I decided to use my hardy Corelle set. Not only is it contemporary yet charming, it is also break and chip resistant. Jatuh pun confirm tak pecah. (Tried and tested, talking from experience!)

A simple teatime in the garden.

The owner of that hand just couldn't wait to get a sip of his iced Milo.

Ian with his bed hair look. He literally woke up from his nap, walked out into the garden, plonked himself on the garden seat and grabbed a keropok lekor.  

I absolutely love my Simple Sketch Corelle set. After several trips to Houston courtesy of the Dutch Oil Company, I've slowly but surely managed to build up my Corelle set. Instead of just the basic 16 piece set, I have supplemented it with two matching trays, short and tall glasses, Pyrex bakeware, mugs, coasters and even a tea pot! 

My modest collection. My only complain is the small teapot. Whenever I have guests, I have to do like two, three rounds of coffee with that small teko. Need to get my hands on a bigger teapot, soon!

Due to the declining ringgit, business trips overseas are now scrutinized and hard to come by. I've been itching to add on to my Simple Sketch Corelle collection and thanks to Instagram online shopping, I managed to find a trusted Corelle seller, who affectionately calls herself Kak Tons Corelle (what a name!!!). *grin*

The best part of her service is that her Corelle stock is readily available in Malaysia! No more waiting for months and months for the kontena to sail from the U.S. to Malaysia. Everything is stored at her house, hence after you place your order, she ships your precious parcel to you the very next day!

Also, she personally flies overseas to handpick the best deals for you, hence you don't get saddled with any middle man charges. And just to give you a feel on how successful her business is - her most recent shipment was over two trailers full, and she has one more Corelle trip coming up at the end of the year. Heh, who knew selling Corelle could be so lucrative!

Check out her prices versus my favourite Corelle prints:

Corelle Livingware RM339 for 16 pcs - The one on the right is Corelle Country Cottage, so sweet! While the left is Corelle Mosaic Red which is a new abstract design.

My favourite Corelle - the Square Collection, 16 pcs for RM449. I bought the one on the left (Corelle Jacaranda) for my mother-in-law while the other is Corelle Simple Sketch which is what I am currently using at home.

If you're not a big fan of squares, you can always choose the Corelle Impressions, RM449 for 16 pcs as well. Unlike the Livingware, this collection has rimmed or embossed plates.

A slight problem with the set of 16, is that it only caters for 4. If your dining table fits 6, then you'll have to buy two sets. Or, you can choose to buy these instead - set of 18 without mugs. Prices start at RM449.
But how can we live without mugs??!! *chuckles* Well these beauties come in a set of 30, so your family of six gets not only a mug but an additional bowl too.

*drool* This is her current stock. I feel like I've just died and gone to Corelle heaven.

So if you're itching to start or add to your Corelle collection, or your wife's birthday is coming up or you just need to get on the good side of your mother-in-law, check out her Instagram page: kaktonscorelle, or her hilarious blog: 

Hey, it's pay day today so good luck with the shopping! *grin*

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