Friday, November 6, 2015

A Family Wedding

I was actually going to make the title as "My Baby Cousin is Married!" but after a while I managed to refrain myself as I realized that it was a tad too cheesy as a blogpost title.

But really, it's been quite a while since we hosted a wedding in the family, and this is the first time a younger cousin of mine is getting married. I actually teared up when he lafaz the akad - not because of the conventional reasons, but rather because I felt old that I have aged. I used to think that my twenties would never end, and then upon becoming 30, I consoled myself that mid thirties was old and I had 5 more years to go before hitting 35. Fast forward to today, I am less than a month away from becoming 33. *sigh* I rest my case. 

Anyway, the resident baker of the family (read moi) was obviously responsible for the hantaran cake. I made chocolate cake, draped it with white fondant, and topped the drapes with a beautiful flower in white. 

Draped effect on the cake.

The solemnization was held at a beautiful mosque in Bandar Sri Damansara. The mosque was up on a hill and looked like it came from a charming old scene from medieval times. Beautiful bricked walls and all that. Not really practical for Friday prayers as they had limited parking and quite a walk up some stairs if you park outside. But absolutely breathtaking for a wedding.

 Best decent picture of the boys in beige.

Beautiful hantaran with the bride in white.

It was not easy to control Ian in the mosque. Wide space just equates to plenty of running for kids. And he kept wanting to run to the bride's side of the hantaran. I think he was enticed by those pretty macarons on their hantaran cake. In the end I had to escort him out and let him roam freely. There was a ramp just outside the entrance, probably for wheelchair access; and Ian confidently ran up to it and starting using it as a slide!

Selfies to kill time.

Meanwhile, the solemnization went on smoothly in the mosque. It was beautiful - sekali lafaz and suddenly I have a new cousin-in law!

Such a picturesque masjid, kan?

Check out that intricate balcony.

Sah? Sahhhhh...

Anyway, the very next day we attended the reception on the girl's side. It was held at Dewan Perdana Felda. The theme was brown. The boys didn't have any brown baju melayu so I dressed them in beige-gold vest suits. Ian wore Aiden's hand me down vest suit; I looked high and low for the matching gold bow but couldn't find it so in the end he had to wear a red bow. *chuckles* Aiden wore a beige vest suit with a tie. They both looked so dashing that day!

Selfie at my aunt's house while waiting for everyone to arrive so that we could go together as the rombongan lelaki.! *sigh*

The boys with my one and only niece!

With my cousin and cousin in-laws.

Kids! Where are you guys looking at??!!

The wedding dais was absolutely gorgeous. Fresh flowers in shades of pink and purple covered the entire stage. Even the main table was stunning. Sequinned table cloth with candles and all. In fact, the entire wedding reception went so smoothly and was professionally done, I bet my aunt was sweating buckets, worried about her turn (our side of the reception) next week. Heh, even I was worried for her! The girl's side certainly set the bar really high!

The newlyweds.

Cheeky boys!

Ian was so excited to be up on stage!

Us with the newlyweds.

Last picture before we left. Aiden's shirt pun dah tak tuck in! *sigh*

Wish us luck for our side's reception next week. I'll be doing the dessert table AND photo booth so I'm under immense pressure too. Not only that, both Sultanahs (my aunts) have confirmed their attendance, hence there will be protocols to adhere to too. It's going to be one crazzzzzyyyyyy weekend!


  1. ai sis...mesti dessert table & photo booth tu nnt cantik sgt. creative kot.

    1. Hi dear... lama tak 'nampak' hehehe. Thanks for the compliment, as always :)

  2. That cake you baked looked divine! Salute girl. :)

    1. Awww... thank you so much for the compliment, especially since it was a last minute cake effort! ;)


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