Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Officially a Kindergarten Grad

Last Friday marked the last day of the 2015 school year. It was also Aiden's last day of kindergarten. Andddddddd... he's officially a kindy grad!

As usual, the last day of school is party day. The kids were allowed to come dressed in their party clothes. Last year Aiden went as Iron Man. This year, I didn't have time to find him another costume, so I asked whether he could just recycle that costume. He reluctantly agreed. That Friday morning, he hopped on to my bed after his morning shower and exclaimed, "I am not going to wear my Iron Man costume!" Ahhh sudah. Finally, he agreed to wear his Luke Skywalker costume, a costume that this kiasu mummy had bought ahead for his Star Wars birthday party next year. *sigh* Sooo, I guess there is no more element of surprise with what Aiden will wear for his birthday party. (Now where do I get an R2D2 costume for Ian? *giggles*)

Luke Skywalker and Daddy Darth Vader!

Some light dueling before leaving for school.

Aiden wanted to make a cake for the party, so we made chocolate cake the night before. He helped me weight the ingredients, and once it was done, it was his idea to sprinkle butterscotch chips on the top. After that, I gave him a frosting tube and he wrote "Farewell Periwinkle" and his name on all sides of the cake board.

Gooey chocolate cake with butterscotch chips for his classmates.

I had made it a point to send and sometimes walk him into school this last week of kindy. So in the car on the way to school, I asked him whether he would miss his friends, especially since Radley and Rizq wouldn't be joining him in his new school. I guess the impact of leaving kindergarten hasn't quite sunk it, because he replied confidently, "Of course I'm not going to miss them, because I know the way to their house!" When I said that I didn't know how to get to Radley's house, he retorted, "But we can always use a map!" *shakes head* After that he even exclaimed, "I can always go to Standard 1 in Rizq's school, then Standard 2 in Radley's school!" Aaahhh... the simple logic of a six year old!

Friday is always an assembly day for the school. That morning's assembly was especially emotional for the mummies, especially when the school played Wiz Khalifa's See You Again. *sobsob*

Morning assembly.

Excited mummies sending their kids for their last day of kindy.

After assembly, I followed the kids back to class for some photo opportunities. Here are some photos I managed to snap of Aiden and his classmates, before leaving them to the class party:

We had Optimus Prime, Batman, Spiderman and of course, Luke Skywalker.

Ms Lashmi's classroom!

Thank goodness my hair was coloured black. (I used to be made blonde!)

Danya's farewell present for everyone in class. Danya chose to give Aiden an orange robot as apparently it "looks like Aiden". *grins*

School was dismissed early that day, ~1030am. I was at the clinic with Ian then. I had developed ulcers in my mouth, it was quite hard to talk and eat. (Doctor said it was stress related... must have been the after effects of that crazy chaotic weekend.) Ian was nursing a week old mild diarrhea. The doctor was taking slightly long than usual so a fellow Real Kids gang mummy offered to pick Aiden up. We agreed to meet at Hideout Cafe.

Hideout Cafe is a new upcoming cafe in Bukit Jelutong. The owner of the cafe happens to have a son in Aiden's class; hence Hideout has become the official designated cafe for the Real Kids gang. Not only that, food is always good, service is prompt, the servers are friendly and most importantly, lots of space for the kids to run around! I highly recommend the Pesto pasta, Beef Teriyaki with rice and Nachos.

Beef Teriyaki with rice, one of the very few rice dishes at Hideout. Seksa betul nak makan with my mouth ulcers, but because it was soooo good, habis licin jugak!

Kids running around outside the cafe.

After a very fulfilling meal, it was picture time! Meanwhile, Radley and Rizq had a bit of a tiff, hence Radley was hiding somewhere, saying that he wanted "to die". Dramatic habis, but very cute nevertheless. So while the mummies were trying to pose for pictures, Aiden and Rizq came up to us exclaiming, "Radley's mummy! Radley's mummy! Radley wants to die!!!" Hahaha check out our response below:

Sorry kids. We will entertain your death wish later. After this photo!

Finally, the best decent photo we got of the mummies (albeit missing 2) and the kiddos:

Ian wondering whether he should get in the photo, or not.

Congratulations Aiden. Huge milestone for you, you are now a kindy grad. Now you can enjoy your 40 days of school holidays!


  1. gambar last tu cute sgt... ian oh ian

    1. Ian oh Ian.... hehehe memang blur sangat muka dia time tuh!


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