Friday, November 27, 2015

It Has Been 7 Years Since Our Last Honeymoon...

... and now we are finally on our way for our very first honeymoon, post having kids!!!

Of course, it wasn't exactly an easy decision to leave the kids at home. So to avoid feeling guilty, I came up with the idea of giving them one present per day. Wrapped them all up with kertas kajang (plus some love notes!) and labeled it according to the date to be opened. I had a whole system okay; alternating between toys and books throughout the whole period.

Love packages.

After we had done all the packing and labeling, we called Aiden out and showed him his stash of presents. Ohhhh he got so excited! Hilang terus sedih Mummy and Daddy nak pegi. We then asked him, "How do you feel about Mummy and Daddy leaving?" He cheekily responded, "Excited!!!" *face palm*

Oh well, at least the plan worked.

Wish us a safe journey to our destination, and back. InsyaAllah *smiles*


  1. Woww Lizzie... mummy yang hebat! wish u a safe journey and wonderful honeymoon.

    1. Oh takde lah hebat. Tapi rasa bersalah sebenarnya sebab nak tinggal diaorg sampai 2 minggu kan. Nie jer lah cara nak 'rasuah' sebenarnya... hehehe. Thanks for the wishes! ;)


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