Friday, November 20, 2015

Aiden's Last Kindergarten Concert

And finally, that crazy chaotic weekend which I was dreading, yet excited for... is finally over. Aiden's graduation dinner and my cousin's wedding is now done and dusted, and I can finally put my legs up and rest. Or so I thought! Now I have a gazillion pictures to go through, and just 7 more days left to prepare for my 10th anniversary getaway.

Before I start flooding my blog with pictures of those two major events, I really should do a throwback post for Aiden's concert. Especially since this is Aiden's last year in kindy, hence it is also Aiden's last kindy concert! *cries*

Last kindergarten concert!

The theme for the annual concert was "Share the Love". The school did a great job of keeping the whole concert under wraps. Whenever I asked Aiden what he was going to perform at the concert, he simply kept mum. Finally a day before the concert, we received his costume in his school bag. Imagine my surprise when it was an army vest and pants, but completely bedazzled with sequins!!!

Come the morning of the concert, this kiasu mummy woke up super early and chased everyone out in good time... just so we could be one of the first few to arrive at the hall and get good seats. We were so early, that when we arrived at the concert venue, we managed to get a parking spot right in front of the main entrance. I remember relaxing then, taking the time to apply my eyeshadow and lipstick. As I was applying my gloss, another car arrived, parked beside us and the whole family walked in. Guess what, that family got the front row seats and I had to settle with the second row!!! *hhmmpphh* Lesson learnt, next time wear your make up inside the hall!!! *chuckles*

So proud of Danya, she gave the welcoming speech for the day.

The concert kicked off with Aiden's BFF slash GF slash whatever - Danya, giving the welcoming speech for the day. In contrast to Aiden's quite confusing concert attire, Danya looked absolutely ravishing in a beautiful sari in green.

The cute three year olds. One of them simply refused to dance, or even move!

Such creative teachers. Bamboo sticks as props!

A lion dance too!

Daddies selfie!

Just our luck, halfway through the concert - the three year olds were allowed to go home, and the earlier family I mentioned who managed to grab the front row seats?? Well their child was one of the three year olds hence upon release they left the concert! Ape lagi, melompat la the Real Kids gang, and upgraded ourselves to front row!

Front row seats, babeh!

Next up, were the six year olds. Finally figured out that Aiden was going to perform a Bollywood dance. And you know how Bollywood songs are... they are soooo fast and catchy; definitely not suitable for still photos! Hence, apologies for the shaky pictures. I wish I could tell them to all freeze in time for a photo. So here are his best three photos, from the gazillion I took:

Looking for Mummy and Daddy in the crowd.

Aik, cucuk langit ke?

Bedazzled army soldiers protecting the beautiful ladies in sari.

Next up, more beautiful national costumes. I especially loved the Baba Nyonya outfits; the girls looked absolutely beautiful in their kebayas. Also the boys in the Chinese class wore pendekar outfits; baju Melayu, complete with tanjak and keris.

Even the boys were in Baba costumes.

Excellent formation by our courageous pendekar Melayu.

Last song for the concert.

So proud of you!

Check out Aiden's arms around his two best friends.

Aiden and Danya.

Real Kids gang selfie after the concert.

After the concert, we all decided to head to lunch. Well more like a late lunch. Discovered that the A&W opposite Amcorp Mall was still open so we all decided to go there. I haven't had A&W root beer and waffles for so long! It was certainly a trip down memory lane for me.

Still as good as ever. *drool*

Well done Aiden, for performing so well during the concert. I hope it was a memorable one for you. It was certainly one for us. #proudmummymoment

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