Thursday, November 5, 2015

Busy November!

Happy November peeps!

So sorry for the quiet period. It has been a crazy few weeks, and an equally absurd coming few weeks too. Just to give you a jist of what happened:
  1. Aiden had his final kindergarten concert. He wore a green army suit with sequins - two ends of a spectrum, I must say. As usual, we enjoyed ourselves immensely!
  2. Successfully organized our final graduation bake sale. Met so many eager and generous parents too.
  3. Was so busy with the bake sale that Hubby's birthday nearly slipped my mind. Fortunately I managed to arrange a last minute birthday dinner for Hubby - scrumptious salted caramel cake from One Serambi and rib eye steaks from Ayers Rock.
  4. Prepped and went for a US visa interview at the US embassy. Fortunately (or is it unfortunately?) - I prepared so much back up information but come the actual interview day, nothing was asked other than "When did your last US visa expire?"... sheesh!
  5. Went for an intensive one week project management course which started on the dot at 8am and ended at 7pm daily, once it even stretched till 8pm! 
  6. Prepped Aiden for his end year kindy exams, and quizzed him daily on spelling. The words he struggled with most were 'jingga' and 'skateboard'.
  7. Baked a hantaran cake for my cousin's solemnization.
  8. Spent half a day in GM Klang buying stationery sets as goodies for the kids' graduation.
  9. Juggled (and still juggling) a committee of mummies anxious about the graduation, fund raising, souvenir printing, yearbooks and such. Aaahhh certainly brings back memories of organizing the university IR night.

And here's what is coming up in the next few weeks:
  1. Aiden's graduation night. Not only will I be busy packing goody bags and decorating the hall, but come the actual night, as chairman of the graduation committee, I will have to give a speech!!! And I haven't even began drafting the speech. *sigh*
  2. My cousin's wedding day. Yours truly is in charge of not only the customary dessert table, but also a photo booth! I'll be wading in so much flour in the next few days. *giggles*
  3. #1 and #2 are happening on the same weekend. I am sooooo dead.
  4. Hopefully after that ridiculous weekend is over, have to concentrate on preparing for our honeymoon trip.
  5. Andddddd finally Hubby and I leave for our 10th anniversary honeymoon... so I apologize in advance for the lack of blogposts end Nov till mid Dec.

In case you've forgotten how we look like, I end this blogpost with an excellent picture of Aiden and his proud parents after his concert. I promise I'll try to find the time to blog more. *wishful thinking*


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