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One Day Away From Turning Two!

This is a scheduled post. When you read this post, Hubby and I are probably gazing lovingly into each other's eyes at the top of Eiffel Tower. Notttttt!!! *wishful thinking* Okay we'll probably be doing some PDA but I'll keep it hush hush. *giggles*

So you're probably thinking... "What??? She didn't stay around for Ian's birthday and went for a holiday with her husband without the kids?" Well, in case you forgot, it is also my birthday. Plus our 10th wedding anniversary. Also, the choice of dates wasn't our preference. Unfortunately if we were to leave any later, we would only depart for home a week before Christmas, and you know how crazy ticket prices are as people scramble to get home to their loved ones for the holidays. 

Anyway, it is a day away from Ian's birthday... and I have definitely been procrastinating his milestone reviews. So here goes... Ian at 19 months up until 23 months old!

Ian at 19 Months
Loves to point out animals. Knows how to say "irddddd" while pointing to the birds in the garden. Sometimes he even roars at them as if to shoo them away. In fact he even roars at cats. In the early month, everything moving was called a "bird" but by the end of the month he could actually differentiate between a bird and a cat. Hence 4th word bird and 5th word cat! Also, after the Friso Yes Experiment, I have been quite open about Ian touching cats. So here's Ian hugging a cat:

Check out Ian's confident face, hugging the poor cat!

Knows how to shake his head "No". For instance, if we ask "Susu?" He would then shake his head. Doesn't know how to nod his head yet though! That would be super helpful!

Since Aiden likes to put his colour changer cars in the fridge (for them to change colour), in the spirit of monkey see monkey do, Ian once opened the fridge and placed his toy car in there too! He also loves to play with a set of magnetic hot wheel cars, and he likes to zoom them on the TV panel. Once, he cleverly stuck them to the staircase gate! #suchaboy

Kissing spiderman!

Understand the word duduk (at the dining table) and when we say "Read doa" he would put both palms out and then wipe his palms to his face. Once, the maid handed him a freshly fried nugget. It was slightly warm and he said "ottttt" (hot) and passed it back to the maid. Hence 6th word - hot!

Fights with his brother! Knows how to stand up for his right too! It seems that my second born is very strong minded. He doesn't mind screaming out and pulling his toy away from Aiden. Poor Aiden always have to give in. I feel sorry for Aiden sometimes.

But they are still the best of friends!

Whenever Hubby comes home, he would pick up Hubby's shoes off the floor, carry it to the store, open the store door and deposit it inside. So helpful! Ian is also tall enough to open the front door and master bedroom door so we have to latch the upper lock to ensure he doesn't open it and run out!

Other oh-so-random things: Sprouted his first molar. Loves it when we play with his ear. Once he even fell asleep! Whenever he hears an airplane roaring in the sky, he would enthusiastically point it out. In a phase of walking on tiptoes. So weird! And last but not least, knows how to play Flappy Bird on my iPhone! *chuckles*

Ian at 20 Months
When prompted "Daaaa diiii", he would imitate it quite clearly. But when prompted "Maaa miiii", he would laugh hysterically instead. I got quite upset that he managed to say Daddy first before Mummy, but that all flew out the window when on the 10th of August he magically said "Maaaammmm meeehhhhh" (say this with an American accent please!) However, he only says this whenever he is in distress such as when a Lego piece comes apart, or the Elmo song he's watching on YouTube is interrupted by an advert. But still, it is so satisfying to be wanted! Now it's Daddy's turn to be jealous!

Started detesting food. Really hates eating. He literally survived (and still is surviving) on milk nowadays. Turning into quite the picky eater too. He'll still eat nuggets, churros and such, but he has a bad habit of eating a bite, putting it down and taking another one. However, if I'm preparing food in the dry kitchen and it happens to be something he wants to try, he would say "Nak!!" And would promptly sit on the kitchen floor! Like dan dan tuh nak makan type of reaction. Happens especially when I take out chocolates from the fridge! *giggles*

Chocoholic! Enjoying the chocolate fountain at Pullman Bangsar.

You know that whole thing about playing with his ear to get him to sleep? Well it doesn't work all the time anymore! Sometimes, Whenever we try it out he would push our finger away in irritation.

Other oh-so-random things: Found his shrieking voice. A lot of high pitch squeals were heard this month. Two molars on top and one left below. Lower right molar came out at the end of the month too!

At the end of the month, we transitioned Aiden and Ian together on the same bed (a queen mattress on the floor by our bed). However, the past few mornings after that, I discovered either Ian on our bed (he climbed up) or me on his bed (he cried during the night and I climbed down to comfort him). And it seems like dia tak lena tido and is always whimpering in his sleep. *sigh* Any ideas how to solve this?

Doctor Ian and his morning mata sepet face.

Ian at 21 Months
Knows how to show excitement... For instance if I place a plate of food in front of him or open a new toy, or even when watching an action movie (like an explosion or something) he would make a surprised excited sound like "huhhhh!!!" (Gasp!)

Knows how to call for us. He would wave his fingers (just his fingers, not the hand) and if we do not follow he would walk up, pull your hand/shirt/pants and drag you with him. If you give him your hand, he would grasp it hard and pull you towards wherever he wants to go. Usually he wants us to change the TV channel, open the fridge door (for UHT milk) or sometimes just to teman him duduk in front of the TV.

I finally figured out the whole "Nak" business. If he says "nak" and I point to something he doesn't want, he would shake his head (no) or say "No". When I finally point to the thing that he wants, he would say "yeayyy". Hence cheering is code for "Yes"!

This month, Ian figured out how to demand for the phone. Because he now knows how to turn on YouTube, scroll and 'choose' a video to his liking. So now I have to resort to hiding my phone or resort to berebut with him. Tried hiding the YouTube app icon in a folder, but somehow he would figure it out. And the thing is, he doesn't just settle for one video. He would literally YouTube surf, jumping from one video to another sometimes without even waiting for the one he chose to load. Once, he actually used up all of my 2GB data in just one night!!!

*sigh* Mummy needs a new data plan...

Such a picky eater!!! Ohemgeeee... he refuses any rice or Cerelac. Barely eats anything nowadays and practically surviving on milk, fries and Oreos. *shakes head in dismay*

Ian had a slight boo boo on his arm the other day. When I first saw the boo boo, I exclaimed "Ian, what happened???" And since then, every time I ask "What happened?" He would twist his arm to show his boo boo. And he would insist on showing everyone his boo boo too!

Ian at 22 Months
This month, I am more confident in letting him climb the stairs unsupervised. Previously there was always an adult right behind him, getting ready to play catch just in case he falls.

He can finally sleep with his Abang now! All I need to do is lie in the middle of my two boys, wait for them to sleep then jump into my own bed. Well of course there are days when Ian would cry. And he is still as buas as ever, so poor Aiden is now bearing the kicks at the shins and legs on the face kinda moves. However something new to note is he still wants someone to play with his ears to sleep, and he will actually lift your hand to his ears to indicate he wants it; and sometimes he even moves your hand to the other ear if he feels that that ear has had enough! Anddddd he still insists on putting his foot or his hand under my top to sleep. It has become a bad habit! *uuurrrggghhh*

Same sleeping pattern. And the next minute, he's already on the opposite of his Abang.

He is adding more words to his vocabulary this month! He loves imitating our words and can clearly say "Mami" and "Dedd di". Whenever we ask "Where is... *insert person or toy or whatever here*?", he would whip his head around and point to the correct person/thing and enthusiastically say "There!" Sometimes if Hubby is not around and I ask "Where is Daddy?", he'll answer "Werkk" (work). *too cute*

Once I called out to him, "Ian!". Imagine my surprise when he looked up and answered "Whaaaaatttt?" *giggles* Aiden certainly taught him well in that department! He can sort of say his own name as well. It's not very clear but more of an "Eehhh-yeannnn".

Other oh-so-random things: Loves to build towers using Lego Duplo and will request for everyone to look at his creation and give him some applause. Knows which one is our car. Whenever we go out and we walk back to the car, he would enthusiastically point it out.

Ian at 23 Months
This month he is communicating more. Adding more one-syllable words to his vocab. Such as ball, dog etc. If he wants something and we pass it to him, he says "You" (thank you). Oh so polite! *giggles*

Tons of funny expressions too. Sometimes if he sees something catastrophic on TV, he would say "Oh noooo" (such a drama king). Once his shoe fell off his foot and he exclaimed "Oh man!!!" *chuckles* Loves handling the camera too. Whenever he gets his hand on my phone or my camera, he would immediately put it to his eyes and say "Cheese!!!" Enjoys turning on my camera and taking selfies too!

"Cheese, Ian!"

Knows who everyone is. Whenever we ask where is Kakak, Abang, Mummy, Daddy or even the TV, he is able to point it out correctly. If we ask "Where is Ian?", he would eagerly point to himself. If Hubby is at work and we ask where Daddy is, he would turn his palms out and ask, "Where?" He can also identify basic body parts. When we ask "Where is your nose?", he can do so correctly. He can also correctly identify his eyes and mouth, but sometimes he mixes up hair and hand.

Knows the farewell rituals. When prompted, he would salam, say bye and give two flying kisses. Must always be two. Never one. He also knows how to inform whenever he does number two! We usually call it poopoo but he pronounces it as "baabook". He would come up to either the maid or me and say "Baabook" while pointing to his backside.

Cries whenever we leave the house. If he happens to wake up early and Aiden is leaving for school in the van, he would bawl his eyes out. Poor maid would always have to sorok him upstairs or at the back kitchen if we have to leave the house without him.

Other oh-so-random things: Loves singing. Favourite songs are Frozen's "Let It Go" and Tayo the Bus' "Hey Tayo". Loves dancing to Hi-5 and humming to Pororo too. Still enjoys walking on tiptoes sometimes. More and more teeth sprouting out that I can't keep track anymore!

And that brings us to the end of his 23rd month. One more day to hitting the Terrible Twos! *chuckles* We love you, Ian!

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