Friday, January 29, 2016

A Purple Affair

Purple power!

It was certainly a purple kinda day last weekend. My youngest sister in law got engaged to the man of her dreams; and as always a dessert table was created for the event. The theme was purple, specifically warna ungu kundang according to my MIL. I actually had to google the colour 'ungu kundang', I kid you not! 

Honestly, it looked like a darker shade of fuschia, and there was simply no way I could make my baked goods into the same colour as what she wanted. How she managed to find ribbons, flowers and such for the hantaran in that mysterious ungu kundang is something to be admired. So in the end, I simply adopted a silver-lilac-purple combination and worked with that.

This time around, my SILs offered to help with the baking, so I was able to spend a bit more time putting delicate finishes on the cupcakes and cookies. They contributed various cakes and rose apple puffs. I'll point them out in the pictures below.

Without further ado, here are are the pictures of the dessert table:

Close up shots.
I have to admit, I cheated a bit with the centerpiece. I used fake orchids but supplemented it with fresh flowers. Cheap but effective!

Carrot Cake with cream cheese topping, made by my SILs. I topped it off with purple flowers, to make it match with the theme. Just beside it; Panna Cotta in adorable mini containers. 

The many uses of sugar lace. I used it to embellish my Vanilla Cupcakes and Butter Cookies.

Another of my SIL's creation - Vanilla Coconut Meringue cake. So impressed with their masterpiece. They used my creme brulee' torch to give a burnt effect to the meringue, and even dyed the batter purple!

It was no easy task looking for tidbits that can be placed in jars, especially in purple! Finally found these - Blue Corn Tortilla chips and Purple Potato sticks.

White chocolate dyed in purple.

My favourite of them all. Rose Apple Puffs... so dainty and pretty!!!

I'm in love my new cupcake stands! Vanilla cupcakes adorned with silver pearls.

Three batches of macarons! But still these were snapped up in a blink of an eye. Need to make more batches next time.

Fresh flowers in jars.

Phewww... so glad it's done and dusted!

I'll end this post with a super cute post of Ian in pink, with a tocang pokok kelapa to boot. Although the dessert table is in purple, the family decided to wear pastel pink. It took a bit of convincing to get Hubby to wear a pink baju melayu. But with a lot of coaxing, I finally did it. (I think his Mum's request for everyone to match and my logic of saving money by recycling it again for Hari Raya kinda got to him.) So yes, we will be wearing pastel pink for Eid. Since I got married to dear Hubby, wearing pink (what more pastel pink!) was never a choice, so I am definitely looking forward to this year's Eid!!! *dances in glee*

Happy Federal Territory day for the folks in KL (including moi). I am soooo looking forward to the long weekend!

Real men wear pink! Munching on hantaran goodies.


  1. I loveeeeeeeee purple. Good job Liz!

    1. Thank you!!! I am not really a big fan of purple, but somehow purple and silver really goes well!

  2. hi... cantikkkkkkk sgt dessert table in purple... tumpang tanya, where to buy that white rack/shelves? mind sharing? tq ya

    1. Thank you! The white racks tuh from IKEA. Cuba carik at the kitchen section. Hope this helps ;)


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