Monday, August 1, 2016

Sending Mummy Offshore

Here's a quick recap of the shots that we took at the airport when the kids sent me to the airport for my outgoing journey to Kota Kinabalu and subsequently offshore.

Two weeks before I was scheduled to leave, I started prepping Aiden for my absence. I explained that I was going to work 'in a ship at the sea'. After his recent trip to Petrosains, he understands the concept of going to the sea to drill for oil and all that. But it was certainly interesting to see things in his perspective. He asked questions about how big my 'hotel' room was going be, how I would get food to eat, and whether there was a shopping mall on the ship (I promised to buy him toys, hence the query).

Ian on the other hand, was a bit tough to prep. In the end, I kept saying "Mummy aeroplane, Mummy aeroplane" hoping that he would understand that I was going to be away (much like how his Kakak went on the aeroplane for her Eid break).

Ian insisted on sitting on the trolley. Aiden was having a slight fever, so I wrapped him up with my sweater.

So off we went to the airport. We had dinner there, again at Eden restaurant. We love their stir fried beef tenderloin with crispy almonds, so we ordered that again. (We also ordered kung pao chicken and cuttlefish curry but it was only so-so.) Aiden and Ian had McDonalds, Famous Amos and even Dunkin Donuts. After dinner, we moved to the The Coffee Club for some fantastic coffee and dessert.

Definitely a must try. Unfortunately, this is the only dish worth coming for.

Going to miss you, Hubby!

Going to miss you, kiddos!

MasyaAllah comotnyaaaaa makan donut. Or rather, makan sprinkles donut!

And then it was time to go! Well guess what? Ian confidently walked to the security check point... He thought he was going on the aeroplane with me!!! *giggles

I gave everyone a big huge hug and tons of kisses. Aiden kept tugging at my shirt, imploring me not to go. Promised him more toys. Ian was running around so I caught him, buried myself in his hug and inhaled his baby smell one last time. Awwwww I miss my two boys!

Cheeky Ian smiling because he thought he was going with me!

One last kiss before I left.

*sigh* Weather, please be kind so we can complete this installation pronto. I just can't wait to get home! 

P.S: Awie (the rock singer) was on my flight to KK too. After walking behind him all the way to the gate, I've come to realize that he is not that tall after all.


  1. touching ye when u kiss ur baby..
    i hope sgl urusan u di permudahkan..

    1. Thanks Zie... Memang rasa syahdu when I kissed Ian before I left *crying*


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