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Aiden & Ian's Star Wars Birthday Party - Event Pictures

So here's Part 2 of Aiden and Ian's Star Wars birthday party. (If you missed Part 1 - the DIY details of the party, read it here.)

Just our luck, there was another party scheduled in the morning of our party. Hence it meant we had to wait for them to clear out before we could set up. Although we had loaded and prepared all we could the day before, it still gave us only about an hour to not just get the deco up and ready, but to also allow Kizsport to clear the room from all the mess from the prior party. To add to the headache, I actually invited everyone an hour earlier than the actual scheduled time, to cater for the janji melayu crowd.

Unfortunately, (or should I say fortunately?) the Malays made me proud that day. Nearly everyone arrived promptly at 12. The Kizsport crew were still sweeping the floor, my dear neighbors were setting up the food stations while my sister in laws and I were running around like headless chickens putting the finishing touches on the kids' tables and dessert table. Memang kelam kabut la, no wonder I forgot to put on the pennant banner and turn on Darth Vader's mask.

The welcome signage at the entrance.

Princess Leia wannabes.

My very 'helpful' sister in laws. *giggles* Well actually, they are so used to my needs and wants hence they were taking photos of every single inch of the dessert table, as back up in case the photographer missed a few details.

By 1230, the crowd got even bigger. I had hoped that the kids would head to the play area first to sweat it out, but noooooo everyone wanted to get straight into the party. We couldn't allow anyone into the party room until everything was ready, but you could feel their eyes on us as we scrambled to get things done. Syed from Kizsport was awesome, he bought some time by getting the kids to line up for the entrance march. I had planned for kids to march in, serenaded by the Imperial March. It went perfectly as planned, although for the life of me I couldn't remember who turned on the music on at that exact time.

Imagine all those eyes watching your every move.

The entrance march, led by Aiden Skywalker.

Ian Skywalker had his own escort.

From the march in, we got straight to cake cutting. Initially, Ian got lost in the crowd, until someone 'rescued' him and passed him into my arms. You will notice in the following pictures that he was barely smiling. Not because he was forgotten, but rather because he was still at an age where he hadn't grasped the idea of smiling. Yup, he only started smiling in pictures just last month. *chuckles*

Ian was not impressed with the fireworks candle.

I had to help Aiden with the cake, cos it was elevated and all. Kalau jatuh, Daddy yang nangis nanti. 

Happy birthday Aiden and Ian!

After cake cutting, the kids started eating. For some strange reason, even with 60 tables we didn't have enough seats for everyone. Some children were also too young to eat independently so there were parents crowding around their kids too. Note to self: must get bigger party room next year!

Food was absolutely awesome. A dear neighbour who is also an excellent cook agreed to cater for the event. Other than the normal finger food for kids, we provided a scrumptious and filling lunch for the parents: nasi lemak, bihun goreng, roti jala with kari ayam and kuih melayu. I'm glad we decided to provide a heavy lunch because most of the adults came back for seconds while their kids were busy wrecking havoc at the play gym. *smiles*

Kids enjoying the themed masks and light sabers.

Stormtrooper waiting for his lunch.

Birthday Jedi brandishing his light saber.

While the guests were eating, we were busy posing!

Tak sempat nak carik light saber sendiri, kena share with my better half too!

After everyone's tummies were filled with good food, I turned to Syed to ask him to proceed with the party games. Imagine my shock when he told me that I didn't arrange for him to conduct such a thing! (I must have thought that the kids would spend the rest of their day running around the play area.) Like I said, Syed is such a godsend. I requested to add that on to the party package and he agreed on the spot! Impromptu habisssss. Note to self again: play gym may not be good enough for the kids. Must have additional activities too!

I don't know what sort of games Syed organized in such a short span of notice, but pictorial evidences suggested that the kids (and their parents!) certainly had a good time. Somewhere in the middle of the party, Hubby and I got dragged to sit on a parachute. (Ian was fast asleep by then.) But other than that, I barely set foot into the games area. It gave me great comfort knowing Syed was entertaining the kids, that I was actually able to socialize with my guests!

Birthday boy in action.

Very interactive crowd!

Interactive parents too! *giggles*

Happy kids.

Us on a parachute.

Ian was fast asleep by this time.

Birthday boy queuing for a hit at the pinata.

Check out the longgggggg line.

Our pinata received quite a few whacks before it finally split into two and fell to the floor.

A hugeeeeeeeee thank you to everyone who made the time to celebrate both Aiden and Ian. This was the first time we allowed Aiden to issue invitations all on his own, so I may have missed greeting a few parents. Not because I was too busy or anything, but because I wasn't sure whether they were guests (or just public patrons at the play gym) or parents of which child. But I certainly recognized Aiden's friends and guests! 

With my stepsister and her friend.

The BBGS gang, missing a few.

Selfie with Mr Stormtrooper.

The gang pagar sekolah!

Last but certainly not least, a huge thank you to the back bone of the party; my neighbours! I don't know what I would do without them, but heck, I owe them big time.

The very supportive neighbours.

What would I do without this awesome peeps.

Big hugs all around!

One more for the camera.

The kiddos after the party.

Toys to last Aiden for the next five years. *giggles*

Aiden opening his birthday present from Mummy and Daddy.

Someone's a happy boy!!!

Till next year's party (and headache), thanks for reading! :)

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