Friday, August 5, 2016

My Offshore Adventures in Pictures!

I think I've blabbed quite a bit in my last post about my offshore adventures. This time around, I'll keep the words to a minimum.

Hardship and weather aside, there are tons of interesting things that you can experience just by being offshore. For starters, the people onboard are your family. From the cook to the captain of the ship, everyone is stuck in the same boat (no pun intended). No one is getting off, so you might as well make friends.

The client team onboard.

The riggers and foremen who worked hard till 3am that night. 

Cool and sporting colleagues, always ready to crack jokes to prevent your from falling asleep *chuckles

Secondly, on a good day - you get beautiful picturesque views of the sea. From sunrise to sunset, there is always an opportunity for great photos.

Panoramic photos are always a good idea.

Taking a break from the office by lounging in the sun, with the pride of Malaysia in the background.

A tug boat moored alongside our vessel.

A material barge basking in the sunset.

At offshore, teamwork is important. Everyone takes care of one another. From going on the basket, to walking on a barge, to even crawling into a pile... everyone looks out for the well being of another. Safety is priority, and you are welcomed to intervene when necessary.

Walking together in life vests. (Have you ever seen boats using tyres as fenders? Well this vessel uses a giant collection of tyres as fenders!)

Standing in a suction pile.

Can you spot me?

Major lifts are a big chunk of offshore life. For instance, this vessel has a 4000 mT capacity!!!

Relatively new vessel, christened in September 2013.

The crane in action.

Seven pieces of these pipes will be welded together to make a 500 meter long pipe, which will be then lowered down to the seafloor.

Last but certainly not least, you get to see interesting thingamajigs that you would never dream of seeing in your daily life.

This is a telehandler. You drive this on a barge (boat).

Does this remind you of anything? *giggles*

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