Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Finally Home!

Just a quick note to say that I am finally back on dry land! 080816 was a historic date for all of us offshore. Significant milestone, to say the least!

A bit of drama at the standby counter in the airport on my way home. Dah macam Amazing Race pulak. When I finally arrived at KLIA, Aiden and Ian were already eagerly waiting for me at the airport. As my bags took quite a while to offload, I told Hubby to treat them to donuts first. Sad mistake, because when I came out, Ian took one look at me and exclaimed, "Daddy! It's Mummy! Look Mummy, Ian eat donut!" and went on munching the M&Ms crusting on the top of his donut without a care in the world, acting as if I never left home. #mummyishurt *chuckles*

I've got plenty of draft blogposts in the works. But before I get started on those, let me enjoy my first few days of offshore leave, including sleeping on a bed that does not sway. Here's a photo of one of my first few meals on dry land.

Maggi goreng tanak sayur tanak pedas. Yummy!


  1. welcome home Liz..mesti u rindu dgn ian

    1. Thank you! Memang rindu betul dengan all my 3 boys. Masa kat offshore asyik dok tengok video Ian jer... :)

  2. hah!
    tak makan sayur..tak aci ni..
    cepat la update.. tak sabar nak baca ni. hari2 refresh tapi still same post :-(

    1. Hahaha tuh la, nak marah Aiden tak makan sayur pun susah, sebab I pun tak makan sayur jugak :P
      Ok ok new posts coming :)

  3. Replies
    1. Hehehehe I baca balik pun I senyum again teringat gelagat Ian sambut Mummy at the airport :P


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