Sunday, August 21, 2016

Random Ramblings

Happy Sunday peeps. As you can see, I've been spending my offshore leave catching up on backdated posts. So here's a brief update on what I've been up to during my time at home.

I mentioned our house renovation briefly in this post. And yessssss it is finally going full swing! They started just two days before I came home and in just a week and a bit, most of the wet works are done. If you don't know what we're up to, here's a brief recap. The plan is to break the patio to make a new dining hall, while the current dining hall will be turned into a family hall. Hence the TV in the living hall will be moved to the back, so the living hall becomes more 'formal', and guests can chat properly without being distracted by the kids watching Disney Channel!

Still keeping to the subject of renovations, I spent my first weekend at dry land hunting for new furniture. I think age has finally caught up to me; I find myself admiring mirror furniture and chesterfield sofas. I went to check out SSF for mirror coffee tables and consoles... Nearly pengsan looking at the price. On the other hand, we were driving to Denai Alam to order curtains when we saw a signage pointing to a furniture warehouse sale. I went there with zero expectations and zero intentions (siap boleh main Pokemon Go lagi when we arrived). Pandang everything sebelah mata until my eyes landed on the one and only piece worth staring at. It was a suede chesterfield sofa. Hubby joked with the shopkeeper, "Nie kalau jual RM600 saya beli". I gelak gelak jer. Well guess what?? Since we started at such a low price (we were joking, seriously!), he sold it to us for 1K. We bought it on the spot! (Lepas tuh sekarang pening kepala mana nak campak our old sofa uurrghhhh!!!)

Sneak preview of our sofa. Wait for the official reveal later!

Even Ian is holding a four digit price tag!

Wannabe Avatars!

I took advantage of my offshore leave to fulfill some blogging expectations. I was at Malaysiakini early this week. To get there I had to drive by several factories, but when I arrived, I was pleasantly surprised to see the Malaysiakini office. A homely office with unfinished walls, quirky graffiti/sketches and a laid back ambience. Will you be reading about me in Malaysiakini anytime soon? All good things I hope! After the meeting my blog manager brought me for a damn fine banana leaf lunch at Kana Nasi Kandar. Blew my calorie count that day!

No, I'm not about to become a politician.

After more than two weeks at sea, everything looks too good to resist!

Hubby (and I) are bitten by the Pokemon Go craze. Despite my vehement attempts at deflecting the urge, I succumbed to the temptation and joined Aiden in his quest for Pikachu. Hubby's friends pulak memang gila main the game so he jumped on the bandwagon as well. I find myself driving out of the way just to get to Pokestops, and driving slowlyyyyyy (which is so unlike me) to hatch eggs. A few days ago, I actually called hubby up and the first thing I said was, "Yang! Kenape I tak boleh amik anymore balls? Dia kata the bag is full!" Hahahahahahahaha after he explained how to unload the bag baru we laughed about our conversation. And just yesterday we were soft banned because Hubby and I turned on the game on two different devices at two different locations. Berpeluh jugak when we couldn't collect balls from our usual Pokestops. In the end I calmed myself down, shut down the game and went grocery shopping. By the time I was done, it was working again. Phewww!!!

We actually turned the game into a family affair! We went to eCurve, sat down between two Pokestops (Johnny Rockets), turned on a magic egg and evolved a week's worth of Pokemon candy!

Aiden's 'calculations' for Pokemon evolutions.

Ian started potty training on Thursday. Since all our furniture and carpets were in storage for the renovation, it was a perfect time to try. (Clean ups are way easier on bare floors!) So far so good, sometimes he says "pee pee" and we rush him to the toilet. Other times he'll say "pee pee" while watching his pee streaming down his legs. *gasp* I hope he gets the hang of it soon!!!!

Still on Ian, he has somehow cultivated the habit of putting his fingers in his mouth. Every time I caution him, "Ian, finger out!", he'll calmly take it out but then fiddle his fingers near his chin as if he did nothing wrong. Macam macam perangai! Also, since Hubby started allowing him to sleep on our bed while I was away, we're having a tough time kicking him out again!!! He would bawl his eyes out in sorrow, and he would insist on holding hands - him on the mattress on the floor while hubby or me on our bed. Lenguh tangan weih! And then in the middle of the night, he would climb onto our bed, then at Subuh, Aiden pulak joins him. (Aiden memang penakut that way!)

Development wise, he's very chatty. Lovessssss watching us play Pokemon Go (poyeayonnnn), knows to answer his name and age, knows most alphabets and numbers, anddddddd stopped going to school. Yup! Since my maid came back, he refused to step foot at school again. I don't feel like forcing him (he's not even 3 yet!) so I guess I'll be doing the whole "first day of school" drama with Ian again next year.

My cheeky poyeayonnnn posing with his Pichu (Pikachu).

Aiden got some of his exam results. So far he has scored all As in his core subjects, and awaiting the last paper, Bahasa Malaysia. However, his Pendidikan Islam results were not good. If speaking Malay was a huge hurdle for my boy, imagine having to decipher jawi too. *sigh* Butttttt I have to give him credit for the below. Since jawi is written from right to left, he decided that his name and class had to be written that way too. Talk about thinking out of the box!! *chuckles*

Must give him points for creativity!

Anyway, that's all I have for now. Pray that we survive through this thick layer of dust surrounding the house, courtesy of the renovation!

Have a good week ahead!


  1. I hear you, Liz! Elhan is doing the transition to BM as well and it's tough. So, kalau pass Agama and Jawi tu I kira dah bonus. And Arab, that's another strange animal for him. Kesian the kids. 7 is just too early for full on academia, IMO.


    1. Hahaha Arab memang I surrender awal awal. If I can't teach it, how do I expect to be able to vet his homework and such kan? And IMHO, Standard 1 pun kids baru nak familiarize with Malay words, how can we expect them to be able to read Jawi pulak? Sigh...

  2. nice sofaaaa! i love them too u know tapi tak beli pun just cuci mata kat ssf. barang ssf sangat lawa tapi price tag pun emmmphhh saba je lah! ;P
    cant wait for your next post! :D

    1. Thank you Fieza! I rasa the sofa was suchhhh a good buy cos of the price. Barang SSF on the other hand... memang gigil tangan nak keluar duit. In the end cuci mata jer lah... ;)

  3. Aiden's effort to write the other way round was too cute! Hehe.

    1. Hahahah I thought so too! Gelak besar I baca. Terus lupa pasal the horrible results he received :P

  4. Hahaha...I cannot tahan Aiden's writing jawi for boy!!

  5. Omg babe.. Now that we're heading back i'm hyperventilating at the thoughts of choosing school for Umar. BM? Almost zero.. Jawi? Zero!! *pengsan*

    1. Deep breaths babe! How are you coping now? Kids going to school alright?


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