Monday, September 7, 2009

Aiden's New Toy

We recently purchased a rocker for Aiden. It was VERY reasonably priced, available at Iza's blog. Link is here. Some pictures of Aiden's new toy:

Aiden trying out his new rocker, right after Daddy took it out of the box and assembled it!

Aiden's favorite sleeping style, one leg out and one leg in. The leg in to maintain body warmth. The leg out to feel the A/C coolness. Haha, my son is smart!

Although it is called the Newborn to Toddler rocker (and Aiden is no longer a newborn!), we still decided to get it since it can be transformed into a chair once he grows out of the rocker.

Chubby toes. Nyummy!

Aiden practicing his skills for grasping the LRT handrail thingamajig. He especially loves this as whenever he pulls on it, the thing belts out a nursery tune!

We're currently waiting for our second purchase - Aiden's very first high chair. Yes, yes I know I mentioned a cheap no-frills high seat in one of my old postings (see here). Well, I succumbed to temptation. What else is new?? Haha!

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