Monday, September 7, 2009

A Weekend in preparation for Raya

Mummy wanted a break from all the buka puasa cooking, so the family decided to spend the day in The Gardens (away from the crowd, supposedly!) and subsequently try the Ikea buffet buka puasa.

Hubby was also scheduled to attend a Residents Association morning meeting in Shah Alam, but at the very (very!) last minute it was cancelled. Therefore we went straight to Gardens and arrived at 1030am! It was way too early for weekend shopping for most, so the whole mall was deserted. We took advantage of the abundant of space and went shopping crazy at the Isetan member's day sale!

Aiden all bright eyed and ready to go!

Striking a pose while waiting for the lift towards shopping heaven...

It was ages since we both splurged on ourselves. Since Aiden, all the shopping revolved around making him look good. So this time around, we made a point to spend on ourselves (okay, okay, not to forget Aiden)! Hubby was amazed at the discounts Isetan was offering, so he got for himself a pair of pants and THREE shirts - all for Hari Raya. I purchased 2 tops, but both were for work (no non-work related shopping until i'm back to my pre-pregnancy weight) and FOUR pairs of shoes (damn, I just busted my vow). Well, I needed pink shoes to match my pink kebaya. And maroon shoes to match my maroon kurung. Khakis coloured shoes to match my khakis coloured handbag. And of course green shoes to match my green handbag. Do you know how tough it is to find green shoes??? So? Justified-lah!

Mummy looking at Kurung Couture, waiting expectantly for Daddy to say "Choose one Yang... its on me!". Well, that never happened!

Aiden taking a break from shopping for his feeding. Ooohhh Aiden tak puasa!

Post feeding: Aiden - looking satisfied.

Aiden was crying for his share as well, so for him, we bought nearly half of the stock in Pumpkin Patch. I absolutely love Pumpkin Patch. It is reasonably priced, the Baby Patch range looks cute on Aiden, and it is the only store which carries the snow cap type of hat that Aiden would usually wear. But this time around, my absolute favorite is a top which says “Lil Heartbreaker”. We've always calked Aiden a “heartbreaker” due to his dimple, so this time around he's saying it on a shirt. Lil' baby gurls out there - watch out!!

Daddy went trigger-happy while Mummy was trying out her maroon "The Devil Wears Prada" shoes.

Ooohh there's the dimple. Lil' Heartbreaker you!

After all the shopping, we went straight to Ikea for buka puasa. My stepsister had visited the buffet a couple of days before - she raved about the spread so we were looking forward to the good food. Lo and behold, the line was ridiculously long! We queued for about half an hour, until the Ikea staff told us that the place was full. Some still refused to move, but we did not want to take the gamble so we went to The Curve. By then, it was already half an hour to berbuka, and everywhere was full! We went from one restaurant to another, but to no avail. Thank goodness just as we were passing by Little Penang Café, a Chinese couple had just finished their meal so we managed to secure their seats.

The crazy line at Ikea

Absolutely full to the brim!

Aiden laughing at Mummy and Daddy for having to settle for Lil' Penang Cafe!

The "reliable" SLR. Yeah right! Battery kong-ed out half way, therefore had to use the phone camera. Which explains the less than desirable pictures. Iskh...

Daddy and Aiden chilling out in Ikea after the meal.

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