Saturday, September 26, 2009

Aiden's First Meal

Yes, I know. The hard core Mummies out there would be screaming at this post. Babies are only allowed solids at 6 months. Oh well, they can scream all they want – I think I know my baby best.

Aiden was showing signs of interest in food even as early as his 4th month birthday. He would watch our mouths intently, watching how the spoon filled with food would go in and come out empty. Watching how our mouths would chew (sometimes gobble) the nyummy food. And he would start imitating our mouth gestures (drool included!). It was pretty cute the first few times, but after a while we were starting to feel a bit sorry for him.

We then started reading online on how to manage the transition between milk and semi-solids. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics: “The general consensus on when to introduce solids into a baby’s diet is based on development readiness – which should fall somewhere between 4 – 6 months”. The general recommendation was to start with iron-fortified rice cereal, as rice is one of the least allergenic foods and as such, is the ideal first food. (Excerpted from First Food, Marshall Cavendish.)

So we started checking out the shopping aisles for Aiden’s first rice cereal during our weekly grocery shopping trips. Initially, we wanted to let him have his first meal before Hari Raya, but we were worried that with all the traveling we would not have the time to prepare and feed him his rice cereal daily. And Mummy was a bit hesitant about giving him solids at his 5th month birthday (as if an additional 2 weeks was really going to make a difference!).

So Aiden finally had his first meal yesterday. The whole house was sooooo excited. We plonked Aiden onto his brand new high chair, strapped him in, buttoned on his bib, whipped out his brand new bowl, spoon (and cup), mixed the cereal powder with some water, and gave Aiden a small itsy bitsy portion of the mix. And he absolutely loved it! After a few small spoonfuls, he started asking for more, started opening his mouth faster and faster. He literally swallowed spoonful after spoonful in such gusto, he seemed like a pro! Check out the pictures.

The very first bite. Check out his pelik face... Haha!

Sippy cup included for show only.

Relishing the taste of rice...

The point where Aiden started to enjoy the meal...


Hopefully his thighs would grow chubbier with this new intake of food. Macam Drumstick!!!

As if these two thighs are not chubby enough!

Oh comot nyer anak ku!!!

Aiden was making such a mess, we had to whip out the bib.

Macam anak burung kan?? We couldn't get the food to his open mouth fast enough!

Nowadays, we do not have the heart to eat in front of him. Food is always consumed behind his back, because if he sees us eating, his mouth would open, expecting a bite. The other day I was having Roti Canai with him on my lap, and when I raised my hand to suap the roti into my mouth, his mouth opened… it was so heartbreaking!!!

Congratulations Aiden. Next thing for you to try – durians! Heck, you MUST share Mummy’s passion for the king of fruits. The only reason why Mummy is so crazy head over heels over Durians is because Mummy’s Mummy gave her some when she was only a few months old. Haha!

P.S: A few days after, we were at an open house and my aunt was feeling really sorry for Aiden and his forever open mouth. So she gave him some semperit biscuits (the serbuk part). Crazy!


  1. aahhhhhhhh.... too cutesy!!! Yeay dah start meal!! potentially to grow much more biggy drumstick!! yummy!!! :p

  2. Yes yes... bigger drumsticks. Current drumsticks not chubby enough! Nyummy-licious betul!


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